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A party isn’t really a party until you feel like you’ve blown the roof off! And there’s plenty of reasons to party too… we’ve got payday, St Patrick, birthdays, Oktoberfest, any new year of any calendar, a promotion, your ex’s wedding announcement, and even Tuesdays.

Immortalize all those epic moments, legendary experiences and larger-than-life stories in a party Photo Book; just so we can say “Hey do you remember when <Blank> did <Blank> and then <Blank> happened? 


Yeeeeaah… Awesome.


But just how do we make an awesome party photo book? Where do we even begin? How do we get enough photos without sacrificing time to enjoy the party? Well no woe-is-me moments here. Check out some of our tips below on creating an awesome party Photo Book.


1. It’s All In The Preparation

You may want to consider starting right from the beginning. Whether you’re preparing for night out on the town or if you’re hosting a cocktail reception at home, take photos of you and whoever else is with (assisting) you as you get ready for the evening. Get shots of your various deco, invitations, everyone getting ready and maybe a before and after of the venue. This all plays into the experience.


2. Page by Page

The rest of the party comes after. Break it down into different segments. Start with the first few faces to show, building it up as the crowd begins to gather. Then photograph all the different moments throughout the party, like games (if any), toasts, cheers, dance-offs, laughters and group shots.

If there’s noteworthy food, a lovely stage or any significant gambits, take shots of those too! Heck it probably deserves an entire page dedication.


3. Devil’s In The Details

Remember to include plenty of details in all your pictures, especially in the background. Include the decorations (simply because lighting would be different at this point), the rest of the crowd in action and all other happenings.


4. Mobile Handy

Turn everyone into a photographer! With everyone having a mobile phone, tablet or whatever else device, everyone would’ve taken their own shots at the party. Compile it all and voila! You now have a photo ensemble of your party with diverse styles, angles, perspectives, and mix of crowds. On the plus side, you’ll also be able to actually participate in the party without having to play the role of an ad hoc photographer.


5. Wicked Sign-Offs

Don’t let your party sizzle away unceremoniously. Give it a nice treatment so that your guests and your Photobook has a wicked sign-off to remember it by. It could be a message board, a collage of everyone, a super wefie or even snippets of the after-party.



So you got all the ingredients for a party Photo Book. Now it’s time to pick a Readybook design (unless you’re one to create your very own layout). The “Say Cheese” Readybook is one of our more fun and popular designs, favoured by other party people.



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