Super Selfie & Wonder Wefie (Part 2 of 2)



So here we go with part 2 of 2. We’ve already covered taking your selfie at arms length, taking lighting into account as well as looking the part for a good selfie and wefie.

Next up is your pose!


Get On Your Good Side

Experiment with different angles. Find the features that you like most and you find most complimentary. Most people aren’t totally symmetrical with little difference on the left and right sides.

Snapping a photo at an angle is often more complimentary and help accentuates personal features such as nose, cheekbones and lips. Try out a few (or a hundred?) and find your good side. It’s a different side, pose and angle for different people. Some will stick to one single pose with every shot while other are very much more diversified.

We personally prefer an eclectic mix.


Play It Out

You got a feature you really like? Play it out! If you’re more about the lips, apply a little drama to it with expressions and make up. If it’s the eyes, same thing! Needless to say, different expressions communicate different tones and this plays a big part for each selfie. Yes yes… you know a picture is worth a thousand words.


Pair It

Apart from vanity shots, selfies are usually used to show off something as the focus of the picture. Whether it’s an object like a top, a car, or even a bottle of water, something new is always welcomed.

Wefies on the other hand more often than not is used for group photos, although it’s also used to show off something new.




Pocket Full of Poses

Since we’re talking about figuring out which side is your more complimentary side, now it’s about pulling off that killer pose. First off, let us just state that striking a selfie cliché, such as the duck-face, faux-surprised look, or look-at-my-shoes/cleavage shots are to be done at your own risk.

*Photobook Worldwide will not be held liable for any eye rolling, faux-yawns or even that drop/spike in “Likes”.


So if you’re trying to show off a good time or a nice new thing, hold it up, have it in the background or wear it even and snap away, taking into account your complimentary side and striking a pose. Happy and outgoing stands usually make for a good shot, although more classic ones such as the peace sign, rock on or surfs up hand gestures work just as well. Safe.


Selecting Themes

Jazz it up by filling your selfie choc full of details. This naturally generates more interest and gives your audience more to visually feed on.


Where You Are

If you’re travelling, or something noteworthy is happening in your surrounding (like a sudden proposal?), take your selfie with a good view of your background. Beautiful sunsets, amazing valley’s, surprise flash mobs and so forth makes for a terrific tale!

Do exercise restraint as to not be interruptive, distracting or disrespectful. Be mindful of accident sites, photography restricted areas, where you’re standing and so forth. Also be aware of what is captured in your shot. Doing a bathroom mirror selfie? You might want to be cautious of anything ‘unpleasant’. So check your shots before uploading it.


Fun & Games

At the end the day, taking a selfie and wefie is all about fun and light heartedness. There’s generally two mainstream-recognised entertaining things to do when it comes to self taken shots…



Not so much of the person doing the selfie/wefie as it is on the person sneaking into the background, the notorious Photobomber are always looking out to grace your photos with a sudden appearance. We say if it’s decent looking, embrace it! It communicates a fun, well liked and easy going look and feel.


Mid Action Shots

Because this is just so awesome! Having a photo of you taken mid way through a specific action is already in need of good timing and poses but to do it as a Selfie/Wefie? That’s how you get epic shots! Can anyone say falling into a pool shot?




Bottom line is to HAVE FUN!

Don’t take things too seriously. Have fun with your selfies and wefies and share it with your adoring fans! Just remember to ease up and get down. Spontaneous shots are often best when you want to get that fun shot.

What’s a good example of a fun shot?





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