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You have that collection of photographs that you just know would look fabulous not only on your wall, but as a collage. A collage gives your photos personality, depth, and charisma. Different collage combinations offer different viewpoints in the different space sizes it occupies. See the many different combination we have to show you.

First things first. Determine if you’re looking to tell a story or to showcase special moments. If it’s the first, compare the amount of photos to the wall space you have to play with. This will help you figure out which to photos to pick, the sizing and the arrangement. If it’s the latter, ask yourself what is the primary theme and which photos take priority over others. This enables you to figure out arrangement and focus point.

There are various ways to go about preparing your photographs for the wall. As a piece on its own like a 4R print, as a properly individually framed piece or as a Canvas Print. What about Insta Card sizes photos or Metal Prints? Polaroids perhaps? Oh and how about a mash of all the mentioned even? Creating a collage enables you to play around by mixing and matching different things and most importantly, sizes.

One of our more popular Multi-Canvas prints, Mountain Road, plays with this aspect.



Another example is the “Little Happy Boy” Multi-Canvas print.


If you already know where you want to hang your photos, have a look at the wall space you intend to fill up. Take its location and placement into your consideration. This plays a part in your choice of layout.


Is it on the stairs heading up to your bedroom?
You can play with angles as well as start point. Stairs are great to tell a little story as you make your way up.




or on a prime location in your living room?
Then you have the luxury of choice. A semi-balanced Photo collage is usually a fantastic choice.

NewYork NewYork


maybe even at the dining room?
An evenly balanced and brightly coloured Photo collage can do wonders for the appetite as well as set the mood for a good meal-time conversation.



The space you have for your photo frames obviously correlates directly to the size of your photographs. Mixing and matching different sizes not only gives your arrangement dimension and character, it also enables you to adapt to the different spacing and play around with the surrounding negative spaces.

Be mindful to not clutter your collage with “decorations”. It’s best to leave it as is, keeping it as the main focus and letting the photos do the talking.

Another thing you want to note would be the colour of your feature wall and how it would match your frames (or medium?) and your choice of photos.



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