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Photobook Worldwide is all about making moments matter. We value the memories made and the unique passions each and everyone of us has. With that, we’re talking to different personalities from around the globe to take peek at how their passion translates itself into a work of art. How different niches from different artists produce beautiful and inspiring pieces, capturing it all in a picture.

Our first interview is with Malaysian based artist, Kara Inez.

Kara is slowly making a name for herself in the local scene as an illustrator and painter, having sold quite a few of her works to collectors. She was recently commissioned to create a limited edition piece for lifestyle brand, Gajah Lama. Photobook Worldwide spent a few minutes with her to see what she has to say on life, passion and precious moments.


Describe yourself and your work. What should we know about you, and what do you want us to know about your work?
I am articulate through my brush strokes. Although I focus primarily on painting canvases, I also dabble a little in photography. I try a little of different things but it’s always been canvases for me. Personally I enjoy covering darker elements, raw unadulterated stories of the people around me and animal inspired art pieces.

I went through a really rough patch for a few years having gone through chronic anxiety which eventually plummeted me into this dark place (which I took advantage of). It explains why my art mainly focuses on a moodier tone. I find solace in my art. It becomes my voice and tells the story of my invisible world.


Passion is a mile far from hobby, and an inch short of crazy. You found your passion, what advice would you give to someone in search of theirs?
I’d say test out the waters. Dip your feet in anything that tickles your fancy or even something that scares you. Think of all that time you spent in front of the television or dreaming of the things you see people on YouTube do. You could totes magotes be those people. I have so many things I’d absolutely love to try out. Don’t constrain yourself to one. There’s no rule anywhere that says you’re only allowed one passion.


We’re talking about life, passion and amazing moments. What wakes you up and gets you out of the bed every morning?
When time literally stops for second and I feel this rush that goes from the tips of my hair to the ends of my toes. My hairs stand on end and I’m scared to blink or even breathe because I feel it would hold me back from taking everything in. I’ve experienced quite a few breathtaking moments and it all has the same spectacular feel. The beauty, the atmosphere, the thrill, and just about anything I am yet to experience will be an amazing moment; even something as mundane as getting lost at three in the morning walking home with head phones and noticing the little things you’ve never been bothered with before.




What’s your favorite way to showcase your photographs at home?
I used to compile my work by saving them on my hard drive or getting them individually printed out and slotting it into a folder. Since I discovered the “Everyday Photo Books” section by Photobook Worldwide, I began documenting my work in it. The prints are clear, crisp and bound by a hard cover which comes in very handy for me. I keep all my many different artwork in different styled books and it’s so much easier for me to share my work with others.
(See Everyday Photo Books)


What’s next on your to-do list?
Before realising becoming an artist was what I wanted to spend my life doing, I wanted to major in Psychology to help children and young adults cope with unresolved issues and all the things that slowly eats away at them. Now that I’m currently studying art, I wouldn’t mind taking up a short course in Art therapy to help those who find it difficult to express themselves in words and put all those repressed thoughts and feelings on to a canvas. My dream is to someday open a gallery and hold art therapy sessions to help resolve all those bottled up emotions. It’s a great relief to let everything out through painting because I too use art as a way to release stress and draw out those terrible things that keep me up at night. Also the gallery would act as a way to promote art in Malaysia and let the younger generations know that it’s okay to take up art as a serious profession.




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