Beautiful Ideas for Mother and Son Photography



The love between a Mother and her son is special. To help you chronicle the many special moments shared together through life, we’ve compiled ten beautiful ideas and poses for you to check out.



1) I Got You1

This is meaningful in the way it symbolizes how a mother always has and always will support their child in life; to thrust them forward and better themselves. This works with sons of all ages.






22) The Dance

Sweet, intimate and loving, this one’s a keeper. Often seen with toddlers or wedding day grooms, The Dance is a nice shot that suggests a casual and personal moment captured between mother and son.






3) Walk With Me3

Get a progressive effect as both mother and son walk towards (or away, it’s fine) the camera. It’s a symbolic gesture of the journey taken by both mother and son through life. It’s also very stylish and looks good in a Photobook or as a wall decor.






44) Welcome To The World

This one’s a classic. It’s a timeless gesture and every parent ought to have one. Immortalize the arrival of your child in a raw, loving and emotional embrace as you hold him close. Ideal for sephia or black & white shots.






5) Before / After5

When you definitely, absolutely, intensely need to crack a good laugh without fail. Before and After shots are not only a great way to a good laugh but to also show just how far you’ve come through the years.






66) Kiss & Tell

Straight up, neither you or your son will ever be too young nor too old for a kiss. So get in there for a loving smooch!







7) Morning Ready7

Look super cute as you get your son ready for school (or anything else really), buttoning up his shirt, packing his lunch and putting his backpack on. These are moments you’ll want to capture before he gets a little bit too independent.






88) Playtime

It’s not the price of the toy, it’s the value of the moment spent that makes all the difference when it comes to our children. Remember the memories forever as you chronicle special times with your son.






9) Scenic Sights9

Now this one is just pretty. Epic landscapes, beautiful backgrounds and stunning surroundings make for a picture perfect setting. Make the atmosphere part of your moment as you take in the loving experience.






1010) Holidays

Like activities, this theme and holiday plays on the value of the moment you and your son spend together. Holidays are a special part of your family’s life and has an impactful presence in your son’s upbringing. Make it count.






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