Say Thanks Differently This Thanksgiving



There are a whole bunch of reasons to be thankful for in life and there are also different ways to show just how much gratitude you have for the people around you. Here are some of the more special ways to say “Thank You” from us:


Make time


Time is by far the most important and most valuable commodity you can invest on someone. Your time and attention tells your loved ones that they matter to you and that they are valued, that you want to be there with them, right there by their side at that very moment. Just the same, there’s nothing more that says “thank you” than taking some time off of your busy schedule and spending it with the people you value.



Almost everything is digital these days and most people rely on their tech gadgets for communication and productivity, so it’s refreshing to receive something that is handwritten. Revive the soul in handwritten letters and write a “Thank you” note for people who are dear to you. Remember, a little effort can really go the distance, so take it up a notch and check out our Insta Cards. Print your best moments with your loved ones and handwrite a short and sweet on the back of each card. Not only would these make for nice gestures, it also becomes a meaningful keepsake for them to have.


box-craftBy hand

We’ve mentioned how refreshing it is to receive something that’s handwritten. Spark the same feelings through something that is handmade. A labor of love is a truly meaningful way to say thanks.

You can sew them a shirt, paint them a picture, or even bake them a cake. As long as it’s done with love, the message would resonate.




Remember the love

So what’s our idea as the best way to say thank you? Well, you can combine all of the above and create a beautiful book of all the good times! There are so many things we should be thankful for, and our loved ones most of all. As you gather with friends and family around the table for Thanksgiving, express your adoration for them and all the things all of you are grateful for. Of course, as with any other family celebration, take loads and loads of pictures. Get your gear ready and snap the night away.

Then compile all the photos together and craft your very own Photobook. We’ve got a few suggestions for you below to check out.




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