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Interview Visuals2

Singer, songwriter, rapper, and all-round performer, Nadhira is a Malaysian artiste that has made waves in the industry. As a trained pianist and vocalist, her musical influences over the years has moved in various directions including rock, blues, jazz, soul and R&B.

Photobook Worldwide got cozy with her as she gives us a peek into her world.


She began taking on her passion seriously right after high school and has since performed in Cannes, London, Canada, Australia, and Singapore to name a few. Nadhira draws her inspiration mainly from past experiences, having gone through the joys and turmoils of love and life. She’s also an ambassador for several brands.


1. What should we know about you, and what do you want us to know about your work?

I’d say I can be quite a handful so the ones that stick around are extremely special people who knows the all the awesome techniques to deal with me (Ha ha!). They’re the people who genuinely love me for who I am. I’m more selective in the company I choose now due to all the things I went through, both the good and the bad. I can proudly say it made me who I am today.

I do a little bit of this and that but if I had that one thing I can work for and with forever til I die it would have to be singing; to create music and perform. I’d be the happiest girl on earth if that’s all I do day in and day out. I wouldn’t mind writing a book too one day, even if it’s just poetry.




22. Tell us about when you began noticing beauty and art.

Probably the moment I stepped out of my mom’s womb! Lol. That itself is beauty and art. The very fact that women can give birth to another human is a beautiful art. Working on keeping things together and taking care of another human is art. Let’s just say that the Universe itself is a big piece of art. Our life is a canvas and we are allowed to paint anything we want on it.

Everyone’s canvas is of a different size. The more adventurous you are, the bigger your canvas is. If you’re unhappy with where you’re at, you can always repaint the whole thing white and start again. It’s entirely up to you really because you are the artist of life!


3. Walk us through your creative process.

I have different ways of getting inspired and channeling that into my music. Life inspires me, so going for walks or a run in nature is really calming for me. That’s where I rejuvenate my soul and find complete peace with life. I also soak myself in music and when I say music, it doesn’t just mean Hip Hop and R&B, I have mad love for reggae music. World music too because it allows my mind to travel different places through the different sounds. The travelling mind lets me to ‘see’ ahead of time – in other words, tap into my utter most imagination which then leads to me to be the film director of the movies in my head. (OMG DÉJÀ VU!). From all that, I am able to write and create music in my own space. I pray that I get to have the chance to share the music with as many people as I can. That makes me happiest and I will be at peace.


4. What’s next on your to-do list?1

I’m currently working on my third album (I have an idea of what the title is going to be but I’ll keep that hush for now). I’m a big fan of scuba diving so i’m looking forward to check out Sipadan Island. I heard you can see whale sharks there at a special time of the year – last year it was roaming around Malaysia’s east coast. It’s kind of a bucket list thing. Then there’s also skydiving over at Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand.

I’m a fan of Photobook’s Insta Cards, since they’re like so (as they like to term it) clever-sized and I can write on it. I make a batch after every other show or after travelling around; either sharing it with my friends or I keep it in different places like on my fridge, on my piano, in my purse, in my books, and so forth.

*Editor’s Note – Check out our Insta Cards by clicking HERE.



5. Tell us about one must-have item you recommend to keep yourself focused and on-game.

That would have to be a piano, can you consider that an item? That instrument has been in my life ever since I was a child that it doesn’t make sense to not have one in my home. It’s my medium, enabling me to channel all of my emotions and translate it back out as music. I don’t know how else to say it – I feel complete with it.

I’ve got a keyboard (next best thing) I bring around my travels but it’s getting worse for wear. I’m looking to buy either a new piano or keyboard soon so I can stay inspired, just as long as there are some keys for me to press from time to time y’know.


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