New Products Part 2 of 4: Clocks and Coasters


We continue with our growing line of new Photo Products as we move on to our next introduction of brand new items. We give you personalizable Clocks and Coasters.


1. Clocks

Made from the same kind of metals as our Metal Prints and Ornaments, our fully personalizable wall Clocks offer you stunning colours and image definition. Tell more than just the time when you personalize the dial with absolutely anything you want. Memories, quotes, designs and whatever else, our metal slate Clock is both a home decor and wall art.




Basically, it is an 8” round metal slate with a functioning clock in the centre. Hang it in your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen and see it hold its own as a stylish centrepiece. It uses a standard 1.5V AA Battery.


It also has two dual-sided hands, which means you can flip both the hour and minute hands to have it in black, white or both. This option comes in pretty handy to contrast it against your design, making it easy to tell the time.


As always, we’ve got a selection of layout designs, ranging from various themes like travel to family, love and children for you to use. Check it out!


Click Here to check out our collection of Clock designs.




2. Coasters

Take conversation over drinks a little further with the personalized Coasters. It’s a pretty little knick knack to which you can put in photographs of sweet moments, beautiful scenery, loved ones, inspirational quotes and more right under your glass. It keeps in place through its non-slip bottom layer and is a handy decorative piece.


Made from 3mm wood composite, the 3.75″ square Coaster is water resistant and features a non-slip cork backing. It has rounded corners on exquisite black edges with a special gloss coating which makes it durable and easy to clean. Hot or cold, set your favourite drink on a stunning Coaster of your own. Special and functional, it’s the perfect accessory to any good beverage.


coaster banner


There is also a beautiful slotted coaster holder which hold up to four coasters. Made from exquisite Mahogany wood, the holder is a fine companion to the coasters. Functional and tasteful display design, it makes for a perfect party favour and even housewarming gift. You can purchase a single piece, or either in a set of two or four.

Like the rest of our Photo Products, our Clocks and Coasters are both also fully personalizable. Have a look through our collection of Coaster designs and take your pick, giving it your tailored touch. Every good drink deserves good company.


Click Here to check out our collection of Coaster designs.




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