A Really Simple Father’s Day!



Typically, fathers are the breadwinner of the family by providing security and finances to the family. Fast forward to today, many fathers now play an equal part in a family just like mothers do. They’re the positive role model in the eyes of their children. They’re the handyman, the advisor, the mentor in the house.

Fathers are popularly more relaxed and simple, making him the perfect shield when mommy is angry (we know you do that!). While some dads are tougher, the love they pour all over their children are undoubtedly infinite.

No matter what type of dad you’re gifted with, draw a closer paternal bond with him this Father’s Day by reminiscing the days he taught you how to ride a bike or bring you to your first sports event. All you need to bring those loving memories alive and share it with your old man is THIS!


Presenting the 6” x 6” Simple Book!


Our latest Simple Book is the ideal gift for Father’s Day. Simple and handy just like every dad. It has the right size for you and your dad to take a walk down memory lane with at least 21 good memories together. It could be your first camping adventure together or day-to-day activities you do with your dad since young.

Make it your very own storybook of how much your father inspires you. Here are a few ideas of what kind of book you can create:

  • My Father, My Hero – Highlight the reasons why your father is the best superhero in the world.
  • From First Fatherhood to Forever – Document your dad’s Father’s Days from his first to the present.
  • Like Father, Like Kids – Reenact childhood photos and compile it together to give your dad some laughs.
  • King Among Men – Make a picture perfect memoir of your father’s life journey to remind him how great he has become.

So how do you get this awesome Simple Book?


You can get the Simple Book only through our Photobook app. Available for download on both iOS and Android, the mobile app is a pocket personalisation app you need for all your memories stored in your phone. It’s the perfect companion for the on-the-go!

Creating a book is easy with just a few quick taps. No crafting needed, just pick your favourite photos and you’re done!

Watch the video below to see how to personalise one for yourself:





Download the Photobook App HERE!

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