Top 4 Must-Haves for July Fourth



The 4th of July is the ultimate summer celebration of the year with friends and family. Be it a picnic or barbecue at the backyard, you definitely need to gear up with some good red, blue and white knick-knacks to kick up the mood.

Whether it’s for your own home or thoughtful gifts for loved ones, Photobook has got your back with all the right accessories just for the day!

Check out our top 4 must-haves to get your party started.


1. Shot Glass


Cheers to independence and freedom!

Gather your friends and family for a toast with rounds of drinks that will add joy to the occasion or get in the vibe by challenging each other in a drinking game. Our personalized Shot Glass will spark up the American spirit in the house. Plus these tiny glasses also make a terrific gift when you attend a July Fourth party.

What better way to spread love than to raise your glass to honour the historic moment, right?




2. Coasters


With a drink, comes a coaster. It’s a fantastic shield to protect your surface from heat or liquid especially when there’s a jolly party going on.

Customize these coasters with your favourite 4th of July moments or illustrations and show them off on your table to your guests. For more than 4 coasters, a pine wood holder is included to keep your awesome coasters in place.




3. T-Shirts


Show your patriotic enthusiasm by dressing yourself up in a personalized 4th of July T-Shirt on the day. Parade around your neighbourhood with pride or make one for each family member in a barbecue party as a tribute to America’s great nation.

If your July Fourth celebration involves games, the custom T-Shirts do make great team t-shirts and as a memorable keepsake to be worn on any other days.




4. Serving Tray


Let your guests be in awe when they’re served with a marvelous Independence Day themed serving tray!

A personalized Serving Tray is great to bring for picnics or as a summer decor at home. The great thing about this tray is that it’s practical to be used at any time of the year, not just on 4th of July. You are after all a proud citizen of America.




Got your own inspiration for 4th of July?

Photobook’s range of products are a good start to begin with and with our beautiful ready templates, it only takes a blink of an eye to create. Don’t be afraid to create from scratch to get the most of your meaningful moments and personalisation experience!

Be sure to check our awesome promotions and have a Happy 4th of July! 🎉


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