What to do this Mother’s Day?



When it comes to celebrating the queen of our hearts, it’s more than just gifts. Even a pot of gold cannot be compared to her unconditional love for her children. More often than not, we take her existence for granted. Make this Mother’s Day all about motherhood – show her how much you appreciate her daily sacrifices, love and care just by spending every second with her.

Check out our list of fun-filled Mother’s Day activities you can do with your mom.


The kitchen goddess

The heart of the house for this mommy is the kitchen. She has been there since the day she embraced motherhood (or even before that) and have cooked up all your comfort food. Whenever you’re sick, nothing makes you feel better than your mommy’s chicken soup.


  • Cook up a feast with her favourite food and enjoy them together with the whole family. Be sure to keep her away from the kitchen while you’re at it!
  • Learn momma’s family secret recipe that you can pass on to the next generations. For this, you might want to create a Photobook as recipe book or Insta Cards as recipe cards. You can fill them with food pictures, ingredients and instructions of the recipe.
  • Lend your hand in the kitchen by cooking together and admire the culinary skill of your mom that doesn’t even need a qualification certificate.


The beauty goddess

This mama is the one who bought your first cleanser and give beauty advice on how you should present yourself. She wants nothing more than for her children to look their best everywhere they go.


  • Treat her for a little TLC at the day spa from facial to massages. She deserves to be pampered and look amazing in her aging days too!
  • Over the years, she may not have the time to get a new hairdo to make sure you look good. This time, give her the chance to don a new do that she’s been obsessing about by making an appointment at the hair salon for her.

After all the spa pampering, schedule a photoshooting session with your mom and frame the beautiful bond up in a contemporary Canvas or classic Framed Prints.


The office goddess

She’s always on the phone, on the laptop and basically trying her best to provide a comfortable life for the family. While she may be constantly busy, she never forgets to give you a good night kiss or prepare your breakfast before you head off to school.


  • Pay her a visit in the office and be her lunch buddy for the day. Take her out for a quick lunch or buy lunch and eat together in her office. Your presence will help to take her mind off work for a while. Surprise her with a Desk Calendar or Calendar Cards during your visit, fill it with happy moments together to remind her that you will always be there for her.
  • She may not always be at home but she still has to look after the domestic chores. Give her a break and a clean house to come home to by tidying up the place, do the laundry, cook a meal and prepare a hot bath for her to soak into.


The healthy goddess

It’s the mom who loves to keep her health in check as well as her children. She makes sure the family eats a well-balanced diet and gets regular exercise. She loves the outdoor and will definitely say yes to morning jogs.


  • Organise a yoga, hiking or jogging plan with her because she believes that a family that exercise together stays together. Delight her with a customised Tumbler to ensure she keeps herself hydrated at all times.
  • Go grocery shopping with her and learn the 101 of healthy eating from none other than the mommy expert. Let her bring along a personalised Tote Bag to carry her essentials and groceries.


Surprise your mommy with lovely personalised goodies that will touch her heart – just use code “MYQUEEN” upon check out.

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What’s your fondest memories with your mom?

We would love to hear it – share with us a favourite moment of you and your mom on Instagram by tagging @photobookww and #mamailoveyou, #magicalmomentsphotobookmoments on this coming Mother’s Day.


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