NEW IN: Schneider AvatarON Switch Cover



When you light up, it’s either you’ve thought of a brilliant idea or you’re feeling all cheerful.

Allow the same effect to touch your home with a personalised Schneider AvatarON Switch Cover!

Pick a favourite happy moment and personalised it on a Schneider AvatarON Switch Cover that will instantly brighten up your dwelling. You can add on decorative embellishments to make it even more personal. Be rest assured that your designs will not go beyond side panels to give full attention of it on the front.

So make this your opportunity to enhance your interior or a gift for your new home. Amuse your kids with an extraordinary switch to give their room a little twist.

The best part of this Schneider AvatarON Switch Cover is that it is interchangeable with other designs if you have more than one. It is also detachable for cleaning purposes and say no more to dirty light switch!



The personalisation only includes the Switch Cover. You are required to purchase the Switch Base separately from Schneider Electric’s authorised distributors – find yours here.


The Schneider AvatarON Switch Cover personalisation is currently available in these countries:

Put on your creativity cap and personalise yours today!


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