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Photobook Interviews: Jenifer Ooi

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Jenifer Alicia Ooi, also known as Jennihsurf, has lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for 14 years now. She’s a Creative Director for a Digital Advertising Agency and balances the pressure of work with the serenity of yoga. Some of her work caught our eye and we became fans.

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The Best 2015 Ever!

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So what’s new this year? 2015 is passing us by and 2016 is creeping up faster than most of us saw coming. Remember back to all the awesome significant moments that made up your 12 months by immortalising those special memories to live on forever.

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Merry Marshmallow Snowman

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Enjoy a sweet delight with this wonderful winter treat. It’s cute, it’s tasty and takes only a moment to do! Have it on its own or melt it in hot cocoa.

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But Wait, There’s More! Magnets and Sticker Labels


It just keeps on coming with us. We’ve also released two more Photo Products we know you’re going to love – Photo Magnets and Sticker Labels.

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