But Wait, There’s More! Magnets and Sticker Labels



It just keeps on coming with us. We’ve also released two more Photo Products we know you’re going to love – Photo Magnets and Sticker Labels.


Sticker Labels


It pays to stick around! Add a pinch of your personality to everything that’s yours and anything you want with personalized Sticker Labels. Make it fun and unique by customizing it to meet all your needs. With a selection of sizes and designs to choose from, you can leave an impression that’ll definitely hold on.

Our Sticker Labels uses high quality adhesives that sticks well to surfaces and doesn’t leave any unsightly glue residue. It is tough, doesn’t tear easily and waterproof – making it ideal for all your everyday needs.


It’s practical and sooo much fun. Slap it on everything you have to let the world know just who’s boss.

We offer four different Sticker Label sizes for you to choose from.

  • 1.75″ x 0.5″ Landscape Sticker Label
  • 2.5″ x 1″ Landscape Sticker Label
  • 4″ x 2″ Landscape Sticker Label
  • 2.5″ Circle Sticker Label


We have a range of some pretty neat designs for you to have fun with. Use it as a quick and easy way to let people know who owns something, as a return address, a thank you, a journal decoration, or even as an announcement.


Click Here to check out our collection of Sticker Label designs.







Meant for so much more than just your kitchen fridge, our personalizable Photo Magnets are a great way to spread the love. It’s a memorable, fun and clever way to see a wonderful photograph.

At only 0.34mm thick, it is also soft and bendable. This lets you place it on both flat and curved surfaces, giving you the versatility to get really creative with it. Use it as a novelty invitation card, a business card, a sweet reminder, a cool announcement, or even to simply showcase a wonderful moment.


Magnet-220x2201There are seven sizes for you to choose from as seen in the above photo, each perfect for a whole host of things. It has a matte feel to its surface, as well as sharp colours and definition.

As is with all our Photo Products, personalize it with images or details. We’ve got a catalogue of designs set up for you, with layouts covering various themes such as holidays, family, travel, inspiration and more.

Magnetic moments tend to stick around forever.

For all those special times, capture it in a compelling Photo Magnet and see all your wonderful memories in a fun and clever way. It’s impressively paper thin and is meant for so much more than just your kitchen fridge.


Click Here to check out our collection of Magnet designs.






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