Merry Marshmallow Snowman

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Enjoy a sweet delight with this wonderful winter treat. It’s cute, it’s tasty and takes only a moment to do! Have it on its own or melt it in hot cocoa.

1. The Ingredients

  • Marshmallow
  • Chocolate Sticks
  • Rainbow Rice Sprinkles
  • Black pepper corn
  • Sour Ribbon Candy
  • Dried cranberries


  • Candy Cane
  • Chocolate
  • Square Biscuit
  • Marshmallow

Sled Materials


  1. Stick two marshmallows together using a chocolate stick.



  1. Poke in two biscuit sticks to give your snowman arms. You could actually use a single chocolate sticks to stick the two marshmallows together and make the arms. Waste less, eat more.



  1. Trim the sour candy accordingly to make a teeny weeny little scarf.



  1. Decorate and add on all the doodads like those charming eyes, that winning smile, some buttons, and an orange sprinkle for a nose.



  1. Tadaaa! Your marshmallow snowman is done.



Now for the sled…


1. Layer a marshmallow on the biscuit, using it to keep the two candy canes in place.

Candy cane


2. Place the chocolate on top of the two candy cane as the base for your snowman. Consider melting it a bit for that awesome smore goodness!



3. Mount your snowman on top of his sled. Don’t forget to keep his ears warm with cranberry & candy ear muffs!

snowman on sled


These Merry Marshmallow Snowmen are sweet and savory, perfect for both eating on its own and dunking in some hot cocoa, they’re a treat for all ages!



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end result


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