6 Tips On Engaging Visual Storytelling

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Enganging Story Landing Banner Standard

Making a good Photobook goes beyond putting good looking photographs in a good looking template. It’s about capturing the moment you were in, the experiences you went through and how it made you feel. Here are our tips on taking those simple snapshots and transforming it from a trip into a meaningful journey.


1. What’s the plot?

Before you start, write down the sequence of events from start to finish. Here would be where you start asking the Who, What, Where, When and How questions. This way you can plan out how you want to start your story, what is the Photo Album all about, what sort of feel should it have and which photos to put when and where in your Photobook.


2. Go candid

Let the story unfold itself. Just play along and go with the flow, as candid and unplanned moments have the habit of surprising you with the best photos. You get to capture honest smiles, natural reactions, and so much more. Your camera can handle plenty of shots so don’t worry about it, just snap away and worry about filtering through later. It’s good to have a sharp eye, trigger happy fingers and some foresight though.


3. Action sequences

Take tip #2 a little further and add in an action sequence. Narrate a short scene from your whole story by dedicating a page for a frame-by-frame. This gives your Photobook a little extra diversity and excitement without straying too far.


4. Detail savvy

Fill in the gaps left out by your shots by making sure your shots carry a lot of necessary details. Often it’s the little things that make or break it, like indicating whether it’s night or day, location or landmarks in the background, a full plate of food in the beginning to compare with the end of the party and so forth. Details let your audience see past the photo and into the story.


5. Perspective matters

Here’s a game changer for you – think outside the box and find different ways to take your shots. Compose your photographs differently and you’ll see a whole new world to your images. Changing your angle and perspective adds great depth to your picture album, so try a bird’s eye view, a down low shot, tilted angles, zoom and see what works. It is also another way for your audience to see deeper into your story. Every moment is different and deserves to be treated uniquely.


6. Fun with flaws

There’s bound to be that awesome moment that you feel is missed because of a ‘supposedly’ flawed. Don’t beat yourself up too much over it. It’s not all that bad. In fact, embrace it! Show it off anyway, but if you feel your audience might still not entirely understand what’s going on, you know what happened – so add a caption of two to guide them through it. These imperfections add value to your story and are real, raw and sincere.


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Making a good Photobook goes beyond putting good looking photographs in a good looking template. It’s reliving the moment and narrating through each memory. It’s remembering the good times and all the wonders that came with it. It’s how it made you feel.


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Happy Photobooking friends!




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