Flush Mount Albums For Truly Definitive Moments

1. Landing Banner

1. Landing Banner

Photobook Worldwide is happy to officially (and finally!) introduce the crème de la crème in our line of Photobooks, the Flush Mount Albums.

The Flush Mount Albums are made for those truly special and unequivocally extraordinary moments in life when class and quality matters most. We define them not only through the characteristics of our paper and the unique selection of covers, but through the printing and the binding as well.


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An entirely new quality of colours through photo-realistic printing that delivers smoother gradients, giving images better vibrance on lighter tones.




3. Thicker Pages




Images are printed on E-Photo Matte paper and then fused onto a hard heavyweight board core, giving it its distinctive thickness. Choose between either a black or white board core and three different page thickness.

*Default 20 pages.

*Free gloss finishing available.

*Lay Flat binding.


4. Thickness Banner

Thick                                             Thicker                                              Thickest

5. Padded Covers



Cushion your every touch with thick luxurious covers.

*Available for the Signature and Luxe series only.





6. Premium Leather


Pair premium materials with phenomenal mastery. We offer five different cover series for you to choose from, each unique and carries its own special personality.


7. Signature


Indulge in a refined sense of style and sophistication wraps your most precious moments in a choice of distinctive colours. There are two cover types to select from under the Signature series.




Italian Leather: Enjoy the luxurious feel of a true classic, perfect for those wanting a timeless bound for all the timeless moments.

8. Italian Leather


Lagarto: Featuring a reptile-esque texture, it’s made for those wanting something a little bit more adventurous and exotic.

9. Lagarto


10. Luxe



Add character to your memories as each cover type offers its own unique novel eccentricity, setting your album apart from the rest. There are six cover types to select from under the Luxe series.




Saffiano: Lassy and discerning, its cross-hatch finishing exudes a savoir faire that favours elegancy.

11. Saffiano


Duchessa: Charming and fetching, this beautiful floral motif is the perfect match to adorn any lovely occasion.

12. Duchessa


Intreccio: Intertwined and composed, the weaved patterns grants your album an atmosphere of rich culture. It also features a unique spine combination.

13. Intreccio


Lucia: Cool and silvery, the daisy decor compliments the sweetest and loveliest of photos. It also features a unique spine combination.

14. Lucia


Martina: Alluring and pleasing to the eyes, the lacey look gives your sweetest memories a delicate feel. It also features a unique spine combination.

15. Martina


Sancara: Definitive and engaging, the crocodile-like composition gives you the wilder side of nature. It also features a unique spine combination.

16. Sancara


17. Imagewrap


Wrap your entire album in an end to end image of your choice, giving you full creative control over your cover for that fresh and personal vibe.



18. Debossed



A debossed window on the cover offers creative flexibility to showcase your best picture and caption, offering a sneak peek into what awaits inside.


19. Couture


Subtlety and elegance go hand in hand as you feature your album title in a beautiful custom cover stamping for that luxurious quality.





This handcrafted Presentation Box has a top case made to match your Flush Mount Album cover. It features a hidden magnetic clasp for solid closure as well as a drop-spine box design, enabling for a breakaway cover that allows you to view without removing the album out.

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