Easy-to-Make Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards

As you may already know, our Photo Products are more than just means of capturing your best memories. The sky’s the limit with a little bit of imagination. This time around, we want to show you some super simple steps in making your very own Recipe Cards.


Recipe Cards are an absolute charm in their own right. It’s beyond words that breaks down the recipe, it is thought and love. It is smudges and stains on top of handwritten notes and changes on top of the smell of flour and cooking oil. It is a faint record of the effort and care the user has in preparing meals for their loved ones. They are shared, compared and some have the good fortune to be handed down through the generations. Recipe cards are charms in their own right.


For Recipe Cards, we have a preference on the Maxi 3.7” x 5.5” Insta Cards. Using the Maxi Insta Card allows for a reasonable amount of space for you to put in your recipe (provided it’s not ridiculously elaborate), and still be able to comfortably write on it, given our Insta Cards are made of 270gsm Uncoated Smooth paper.


You’ll want to start off by figuring out what you want and what works for you. Will it be portrait or landscape? Will it have decorative borders, or plenty of embellishments, or be as simple as it gets? Will it be monotone or colourful? You decide.


Then you need to decide the layout of your recipe cards. Besides having just the necessary like Name (of the dish), Ingredients and Instructions, consider including in additional information such as Description, Serving or even Prep and Cook Time.


After you’ve had them made and delivered, keep em’ together and arrange it by food type. This would make it easier to find the recipes you want, when you want them. Categorize different groups such as soups, meats, vegetarians, pasta, savory, seafood and so forth. You could even colour code them for easy referencing!

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How many recipes do you have? Make one for each of them. Our Maxi Insta Cards are sold in a set of either 34 or 69 pieces. But what’s that you say? You don’t have enough recipes to fill up up to 34 or 69 pieces? Fantastic! Make empty Recipe Cards then. Simply use the same layout as you did for your recipes and leave plenty of writing lines (or empty space) for you to write down in the future.


Have fun fellow Photobookers!



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