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Get To Know Our Latest Photo Product


We’re pretty familiar with the popular trend of collecting keychains when we were younger. This includes souvenir keychains, name keychains and the all-time favourite photo keychains. While these old school keychains were part of a fashion trend once upon a time, we’re not ready to let it go yet by bringing the classic back with a modern twist.

Just because keychains should never be out of fashion, don’t you think? Read on to check out our version!

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The Little Ways To Protect Mother Earth


Once a year, let us take a step back and appreciate what Mother Earth has blessed us with – the lush greenery, clearwater rivers and bright blue sky. On every April 22nd, people all around the world celebrate Earth Day but of course, the celebration doesn’t just stop here. Protecting the environment is a lifelong effort and here’s how you can do your part (hopefully for the long run!). 

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6 Ways To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Photobook Weddings How To Entertain Your Guests

Dear brides and grooms, the big day will finally arrive when your year-long or months’ worth of planning will come alive. Before you know it, you’ll be whisked from one to the next order of the day, changing outfits and touching up your make-up in between, and pulled to your left and right for quick selfies and wefies. It will be a beautiful chaos and it will transpire in a flash.

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Make The Most Out Of Your Photos With These Wedding Decor Ideas


Photographs are your biggest assets when it comes to decorating anything, especially weddings. Personal in nature, photographs go hand in hand perfectly with private events just like your nuptials.

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