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Wedding Favour Ideas That Reflect Your Couple Personality

Photobook Canvas Tote Bags As Personalised Wedding Favours.

Wedding favours are tokens of appreciation given to wedding guests for their presence (and presents) at a couple’s nuptials. Although they are not at all compulsory (surprise!), they make a lovely gesture and memento of an occasion, a piece of you that guests can bring home and remember by.

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Photobook Malaysia: Exclusive Aidilfitri Gift Collection


Bulan Ramadhan Bulan Mulia,
Disambut Dengan Penuh Gembira,
Kini Syawal Menjelma Tiba,
Tangan Ku Hulurkan Maaf Dipinta.

Spread more love and joy to your family and friends with our limited edition Aidilfitri Gift Collection this coming Hari Raya.

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Making Memories In Motherhood


Amy Rodda is the visual genius behind the photographs of TheFolkChildStories. She’s also a kindergarten teacher and mummy to two beautiful boys, Hudson, 3, and Oscar, 16 months old.

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