A Holiday Reminder Just For You!

Christmas Deadlines(final)

We know that you’re excited to get your books in time for the holidays so we’ve made suggested deadlines to make sure that they get processed and get to you in time for your Christmas celebration.

Please refer to our suggested Christmas deadlines* as follows:

1) America – 13 December 2012
2) Australia – 13 December 2012
3) Brunei – 13 December 2012
4) Canada – December 10th, 2012
5) Europe – 13 December 2012
6) Hong Kong – 13 December 2012
7) Japan – 13 December 2012
8) Malaysia – 17 December 2012
9) Philippines – 13 December 2012
10) Singapore – 13 December 2012

If your country of residence was not listed, the average deadline will be 13 December 2012.

If you happen to miss the deadline, still send in your orders as we’ll do our very best to complete and deliver orders in time for Christmas. Consider using one of our Readybook templates for a unique and quick design option.

Happy bookmaking this holiday season!


*Note: Orders from folks living in non-city areas should be sent 2 to 3 days earlier to accommodate courier and shipping times. Weather conditions and unrelated couriers delays are possible.


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If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Team at support[at]photobookworldwide.com (Please replace the [at] with @)

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67 Responses to “A Holiday Reminder Just For You!”

  1. Hi!

    This promotion states that its still valid for another 15 hours. I am trying to purchase it however it doesnt allow me to. is tihs promotion still valid? I love your photobooks and wouldnt want to miss out on such an offer. I have no rush to get the photobook by Christmas. I just want to purchase the voucher.

    Please help!


  2. Hi,

    So it took me a little bit longer to make my book than I was hoping and only got it sent in today at 8pm. I live in Ontario and was wondering if there is any chance that I will receive it before Christmas? I know it’s cutting it short but here’s hoping. Thanks.

    • Hey Barb, I have left a note to our production Team and We’ll do our very best to have it sent to you by Christmas. Cheers!

      • Thank you so much for responding and sending a note to your production team. I can’t wait to receive my book, I hope they love it. You have a great website and I know I will be using it again. So will my family. Thanks again for everything.

  3. How come the version 3 does not not open a large window for easy editing when I click the Add Text Box? It’s so hard to edit the text on that small box in the photobook itself. An lastly, I’m thinking whether to have it delivered to my home in Manila or to my office address in Clark. Where is it faster so that I have a better chance of getting it before Chritmas?


    • Hey Ren, the reason why the text box is made small now, is to show consumers the actual size of the text when the final product comes out. To enable easy editing, we recommend that you use the Zoom In function.

      As for your book, no worries, they should be delivered on time. :)

  4. How can I submit my order by using metrodeal voucher? Their voucher is valid starting on Dec 15 but I’d like to submit it today since your deadline is supposedly December 13. Kindly send me a reply in my e-mail: candicemaeaguilar@gmail.com


    • Hi Candice, unfortunately thats right. However, you can still send in your orders by December 15th and we’ll do our very best to ensure that the book reaches you by Christmas. Thanks!

  5. Why is Canada’s deadline earlier than the rest of the world? I sent my order on the 12th and live in British Columbia. What are the chances it will get here by Xmas?

    • Hi Sue, our Canadian plant produces a lesser amount of books compared to the Malaysian plant. There would still be a fairly high chance for you to receive it by Christmas. Track your order here. :)

  6. I just saw this today and am working fast to put together a wedding photobook for my parents. I will definitely have it done by tomorrow but not tonight :( I am about half way through right now. Is there annnnny way I can still get it by Christmas?? Thanks! Theresa

  7. Hello, if I submit my design on the 17th and choose express shipping, will I be able to receive the book by the 21st? Thanks!

    • Hi Sonia, unfortunately that is not possible, as our couriers would take around 3 to 4 days to reach United States. I would recommend that you send in your books earlier, possibly by 15th of December. :) Thanks!

  8. Hi, although I’m desperately trying to get my photobook finished by the end of today (the 13th), what are the chances that I’ll be able to receive the copies before Christmas if I can only submit them tomorrow (the 14th)? I live in London, UK. Again, they’re Christmas gifts.


    • Hi Janki, that should be possible. However, kindly write down your order number here as soon as you receive it. I’ll see to it that you receive the book by Christmas. Cheers!

  9. Hi,

    May I know if the $350 XL Landscape package is 40 pages or 80 pages? From the pricing table I can see the default number of pages is 80 for $350, but in your promotion it states 40 pages for the same $350 package.