Luck of the Irish!


This year, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with more than just green shirts and green beer. Here are a few last minute ideas that you can try out this weekend.

Decorations can really enhance any room in the house. Decorating with the colour green is a simple and elegant way to make your place look a little more festive. Decorations from the dollar store, making your own homemade wreath from yarn and printing out cute St. Patrick’s day sayings is a great way to show your Irish side.

st patrick deco

Go green! Ditch the traditional plastic utensils and plates and try using recycled and biodegradable ones, or even use real cups, glasses, plates and utensils if your party is small enough. Also, try decorating with real plants as centrepieces to add some rich and organic green colour to your party.


Any good party has an amazing dessert. Try making S’more Hats or even a green ombré cake! These desserts are bound to make your guests giggle with excitement. Or, for the more health conscious, make healthy green smoothies!


A simple and inexpensive way to get into the Irish spirit is with your nails. Using green as a base colour is an obvious choice, but why not add a little more pizzazz! Add some shamrocks or even some sparkles.


For more unique and fun ideas for this St. Patrick’s day, check out our Saint Paddy’s! Pinterest board and get inspired!

Happy St. Patrick’s day, everyone!


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