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We’re more than excited to introduce to you to the latest addition to our roster of high quality brands and products. The long search for the perfect canvas print is over! Canvas St. has finally come your way. But first, we’d like to share the story on how it all came about.


Split Canvas Fifth Avenue

The Search

Following the success of Photobook Worldwide, our team decided move on to the next big thing – Canvas Prints. We then devoted some of our time to look for the best way to create the lightest, yet strongest, canvas material for excellent quality prints. We spent countless hours of researching and testing materials, we’ve gone through odds and ends to give only the best. There were definitely some challenges in the process of finding the perfect material, but a lot of fun too.

The Canvas St. Way

Much to our satisfaction and delight, we have come up with a unique way to have photos made into works of art. By utilizing boards made out of advanced paper engineering, sourced all the way from Europe, we have successfully come out with a material that would make a canvas print feel and look as if it was printed on stretch fabric yet way stronger and lighter. Hence, Canvas St. was born!


Canvas Portrait 12″x18″

What Makes our Canvases Different

High-end Durst Printer

With this printer, we afford you with better colour accuracy, your images will look so vibrant, you can hardly tell it from the real thing!

UV Technology

Stands for non-other than, Ultra Violet. The UV ink and printing technology that we use does not require further lamination, as it gives double protection and ensures that the colour withstands the test of time.

Wood, Staple-Free

With prints mounted onto industrial-strength boards, the Canvas Prints are lightweight yet surprisingly strong, which makes mounting and unmounting real easy. You may now change your Canvas Prints according to season. How cool is that?

Waterproof, scratch resistant

Prints are waterproof on the surface, so little splashes of water would just dry off in an instant. Efforts from the clawing from your pet cat is futile.

Ready to take the Canvas St. route? If you’re ready to take the journey towards the creation of a revolutionary and long lasting piece of art, we’re more than happy to take this journey with you. To get you started, order canvas prints at an attractive price with FREE shipping! There are three different sizes for you to choose from.

Bring Me There

Note: Promotion is only valid for: Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore



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14 Responses to “Go the Canvas St. Way – *Promo Ended*”

  1. I tried downloading the Canvas St software but by antivirus prevented it, saying that it is not safe to do so and deleted the file from my computer, any comments on that? How can I get the software to start some work with it?

    • Hi Glen, a quick fix will be disabling the antivirus temporarily and then downloading it. As Canvas St is still a new brand, most anti-viruses may flag it’s Designer as a malicious program. Rest assured it is perfectly safe to use and virus-free. May I also know what anti-virus you are currently using? Thanks.

  2. Is Canvas St also located in Richmond Hill and can you pick them up to like you can books?

    • Hi Megan, the Canvas Street office is currently located in Malaysia. We are, however, able to arrange it to be shipped to our Markam office for pickup if you’d like. :)

  3. I’m your customer from Nigeria, have you started to ship the canvas print to Nigeria?

    • Hi Okafor, currently we do not have the service of sending Canvas Prints to Nigeria yet. But as soon as this door opens for us, you’ll be the first to know!

  4. I just purchased a 30″x20″ canvas receipt# 3723-0515-3181-4831 and still waiting for the voucher code so that I can download my picture. Please respond. Thks.

      • I also ordered a landscape canvas on 24 March, however have not received my voucher number. Receipt No: 0230-8036-7364-5007. The time for ordering is very nearly here, so unless my voucher number turns up in the next two days I hope that you will honour my voucher into April?

        • Hi Sandra. If you still have not received your order, please email the Canvas St support team with all of your information and they will be able to assist you there. Thanks!

  5. iF i purchase a canvas now,how long do I have to make it and upload it.
    I know when I have purchased a photobook before on a special, it had an expiry date if when I had to send it off to be made.

    • Hey Julie, your voucher will be valid till the end of this month on the 31st. We’re making this a very limited-time only offer. More details can be located in the terms and condition which is found in this page.