Introducing Photo Cards

photo cards

We just love our latest product – the Photo Cards because there is just so much you could do with it!  You have the freedom to design right up till the border or leave a white border on the sides to create a different effect.  Our Photo Cards are available in four different sizes :-

  • 70 x 70 mm – 47 cards per set
  • 70 x 82 mm – 39 cards per set
  • 65 x 100 mm – 35 cards per set
  • 95 x 140 mm – 35 cards per set

The different sizes gives you the flexibility to use these Photo Cards for various applications and let your imagination go wild with it!  Here”s some suggestion we have for you :-

Baby Milestones

Make these cute Photo Cards for your new born.  They are great to share with family and friends and also make great giveaways during baby showers.  Make a couple of copies of these Photo Cards to be kept as well.  You can also use them for scrapbooking and making mood boards.

Wedding Favors

The 70x82mm (2.75″x3.23″) are similar to polaroid photos.  This size is the best choice for printing photos for your wedding guest book and for scrapbooks of your favorite events.  The additional space below the photo gives you the chance to easily caption each photo and give it a personal touch.  Prints in this size would also work well as pins for your mood or inspiration board.

Fun Cards

This is slightly smaller at 65x100mm (2.56” x 3.93”) and it’s the best bet for filling in your scrapbooks with favorite オンライン カジノ photos. Immortalize candid moments with loved ones and friends with these photo cards.  Imagine a stack of these cards filled with your travel memories, and have a neat box of each of your travel trips!

Recipe Cards / Postcards

The largest we have is 95x140mm (3.74″x5.51″) and it is relatively light and not bulky.  If you’re looking for something to store your favorite recipes for your own cooking or for sharing with loved ones, photo cards of this size are perfect with their capacity to feature photos and a considerable amount of text at the same time.  You can also make personalised postcards and print them in this size.  You can also make party decorations and table toppers with these cards.

There is an abundance of things you can use Photo Cards for.  The only limit is your imagination.  While you still haven’t set your mind on anything yet, hopefully these ideas helped you get inspired to make your own photo cards set.  We”ve prepared fun and striking templates for you to tickle your creativity.  They”re pre-loaded into your Photobook Designer software for your ease of creation. Try ‘em now and have fun!



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8 Responses to “Introducing Photo Cards”

  1. G’day,
    Do we have templates available for cards, I.e. gift cards, Polaroid with caption, etc.?

    • Hey Indy!
      In the Photobook Designer software, you are able to design your cards however you’d like! It has options to change the background colours/patterns and also add text!

  2. I am really happy to see photo cards. I would love to see cards which could be used as a standard greeting card, birthday card, etc., (i.e. a folding card that opens up – 4×6). Is that something you are likely to have?

    • Hey Karen!
      I will for sure pass this on to upper management! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I am so excited about the photo cards that you are offering! I have used your books for 3 years, and it’s great that I can order my 2 most popular products from the same vendor!

    • Hi there Nina!
      We’re so happy to hear about your excitement :) Thanks for the kind words!

  4. I am presently restoring old photographs and notice that many of them are actually postcards with photos on them. Is there anything like that available these days? I would very much like to make postcards with photos!

    • Hi Norma!
      All of the Photo Cards that we offer are able to have photos on them! Take a look at our website for more information! You can find the link in the above post!
      Thanks :)