Top 5 Cities to see in 2013


Travel is a language we all speak. Here is our list of the top cities to see for 2013!

1. San Francisco


San Francisco is known for their steep streets, amazing food, earthquakes, bridges, and their picturesque landscapes. They also have great sport teams too! So, during your stay in San Francisco, why not check out a Giants or a 49ers game!

2. Amsterdam


Amsterdam is usually a hot spot for travelers, but 2013 will be their biggest year yet! Amsterdam will be celebrating the canal ring turns 400 years old, Vincent van Gogh’s 160th birthday and the 40th for his colour-swirled museum. As if that isn”t enough, the Rijksmuseum re-opens after a 10-year renovation and the world famous Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra turns 125. After it’s all said and done, all of these anniversaries add up to tons of celebratory street festivals, concerts, and fun which will make for one wild ride through 2013.

3. Beijing


Běijīng is and always will be the hub of culture and art in China. In 2008, the Olympics were held here and the memories still live on. Tourists can check out the English street signs and beautiful designed buildings such as the Bird’s Nest nestled in the cities skyline. You can now travel from Běijīng to Shanghai in under 5 hours from the new high-speed rail.

4. Halifax


Halifax is one of the best kept Canadian secrets. While you’re escaping into the sights, sounds, and smells, take time to check out the brewery of one of the oldest beers in North America. Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale. Or, stop by Peggys cove for one of the most breathtaking sights you will ever see. While you’re there, try some of their famous seafood. We recommend the lobster!

5. Puerto Iguazú


Puerto Iguazú is now one of the world’s seven wonders of nature as of 2011. Puerto Iguazú can be found along the Argentine–Brazil border. While you’re there make sure to take in the magnificent Iguazú waterfall. It is also known for top notch hostels, hotels and spas. Puerto Iguazú is also big on family fun and adventure so it’s a great place to take the kids!

On your trip, whether solo for soul-searching or with loved ones to strengthen your bond, it”s not to be forgotten to take photos of the sights, scenery and people. It”ll help you preserve the memories of your experience. To ensure they”ll last a lifetime, have them stored in a Photobook.

Fitting for travel are Large Landscape Imagewrap or Debossed photo books, as they feature the breadth of scenery and capture the vibrancy of an activity. But if you wish, you can have your photos printed in a smaller book. This will make for a handy keepsake of your trip.

Happy travelling!


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2 Responses to “Top 5 Cities to see in 2013”

  1. Five wonderful places to visit, never get tired of San Francisco! The east coast of Canada is also beautiful including Newfoundland. Will definitely have to check out Puerto Iguazú, looks spectacular! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Rob!
      We’re glad we could give your adventurous side a little kick start! Thanks for your comments :)