More Than A Buddy

photobook for pets

photobook for pets

So here’s Charlie.

Charlie came into your life, sat by your side and stayed throughout everything. Charlie is your bestest buddy and means everything to you. Your connection goes well beyond household tricks as you share meaningful moments with him, making that significance difference in each other’s life.

Be it dogs or cats, when a pet grows into more than a mere source of affection, that unmatched connection becomes a lifelong friendship. They continuously show their warmth, adoration and loyalty, offering us a sense of connection and belonging; like hot soup for the fragile soul.

While some of us are into dogs, some are all about cats, or other creatures for that matter – we all love them ever the same; sharing our homes, beds and hearts. So regardless if your version of Charlie was a rescue, adopted or a born into, they are undeniably family and already have a place in your heart.

Take the time to make them a feel appreciated by highlighting them in your life.

  • Do you have a picture of the first time you met your buddy?
  • How about an awesome instant you two had and you both look just too darn good?
  • What about that funny photo when he did that thing?

Do more for them today as you show how much you truly treasure their companionship by immortalizing their most precious moments in a photobook or even put them together by your side in a canvas on a wall.

Try out some of the readybooks below to get a feel of how you might want to best bring your dogs or cats to light.

All About Charlie Readybook | Click here to view

Fluffy Paws and Ball of Yarn Readybook | Click here to view

Want to add on or try something else? Put them on a canvas or a portrait poster or even adorn your greeting cards with a favourite photo of your pet!

Happy Photobook-making!


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