Love & Life Lessons with Your Pet


As adults, we tend to get caught up in the chaos of life that we often forget to unwind. With the pressures of everyday life, we lose sight of the things that matter sometimes. Now our animal counterparts seem to have it all figured out. Unending love and a nose for all things truly precious in the world, there are a few things we could really learn from them. Don’t have one? Well that’s all right… visit your nearest pet shop and have a look around. You might find yourself a nice companion there! So to all dog lovers, cat lovers and aaaw heck! all pet lovers out there, get back to basics and take a page out of little friends, our beloved pets and indulge in a little pet mania.

So let’s roll…


Have Fun

Our pets knows best when it comes to having a great time. Running around without a care in the world, some light wrestling together and chasing after toys can re-ignite the childish spirit dwelling within. Channel joy through your pets as you take part in their excitement, engaging in their activities and entertainment; something all pet lovers experience.

Let all your worries and anxiety go and just have fun, feeding your mind, body and soul with positive energy.


Love and Listen

Leave it our four-legged friends to take notice of the things we tend to oversee. The small things in life that we sometimes take for granted like morning texts from a lover, back hugs from your kid or even a nice home cooked meal by mommy. There’s love all around so take a moment and absorb it all in. Stop and listen, and appreciate these small daily things.

Someone somewhere once joked that it’s not easy having a pet. Not because of maintenance but purely from their undivided attention and constant love, almost demanding our time. They put life in perspective because we mean everything to them and it’s a good kind of overwhelming love. In more ways than one, they know how to love and they know how to listen.


Pamper Your Pet.. and Yourself

Sleep, eat, play.. repeat. You know how you treat your pets to goodies, outfits, grooming and so forth? Yeah well do the same for yourself! You deserve it. Enjoy a decent pet mania moment as you splurge in the pet shop.

Beyond that, sharing your personal space with them are highly advisable. Cuddling with pets have been proven to be therapeutic, effectively soothing the soul and calming nerves. So cuddle it up and pet your way to a happier and healthier you, putting you in a relaxed mood in an instant. They’re great companions, so how about treating you and your pet to a vanilla ice-cream, both of you are sure to enjoy. A simple car ride can be such a pleasant experience given the right mindset, just feel the wind all look around while listening to some of your favourite tunes. Cat lovers can relate to this!


Get Out There

A little stretch and bit of walking is always a good idea. If anything, it’s all anyone really needs sometimes. Unleash their wild side (yours too) and let them out! Nothing beats their hyperactive jumping and turning and it’s great workout for the both of you. Re-learn to run like you haven’t a care for this world, at least at that brief moment. Even walking for 30 minutes is found to be able to fight depression among other health benefits. Dog lovers can relate to this!


Seize The Memories

Y’know how we mentioned to pamper yourself and your pet? You’ve probably already taken a few gigs full of photos so why not make the most of it. Take your awesome and adorable photos and put it in a photobook! Check out one of our favourites, All About Charlie, for an idea.


We  also got a bunch of products specifically dedicated to our animal friends. Calendars, Greeting Cards, Canvas Prints just to name a few. Click Here to check it out! All those picture perfect moments should be captured and preserved in the best form. Make a beautiful photobook, canvas print, calendar and even notebook out of it. We can’t let good photos go to waste and they will sure to be a hit.


Come to think about it, who is running the show now? You or your pet? They give us more than we could ever do, so who’s the awesome one now?



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