Great News for Canvas Prints!



We’ve always known that even the smallest of actions can make the biggest of difference and we want you to be happy with what you have and what you can do with it. We’ve given it some thought and figured that a little change in something like this can give you, our most favourite people in all the world, more value; and we think this is going to be great news for professional photographers and re-sellers everywhere…

We have now officially removed our logos from the back of our Canvas Prints!

This means that professional photographers and re-sellers everywhere can now pass on our premium canvas prints to their clients without having to attach a sticker. This makes it easier for you to forward your work using our high-quality printing and superior materials. Send out brilliant shots of special moments like weddings and graduations without having to share the branding limelight, focusing only on the quality of the picture.

Previously we would print our logos on the bottom left at the back of our canvas prints along with the order information. Have a look below for the difference. On the left is how it looked like with the logo while the right is without.


This also applies to our Split Canvasses and Multi Canvasses too. We want you to be able to truly take advantage of our versatility and we’re certain that a lot of you will enjoy this small shift in style. Check out our menu of Canvas Prints here. Have fun guys!



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