Photobook & Mattel are now friends!




Get on with the future of play! Photobook Worldwide has now officially partnered up with Mattel, and we’ve locked in Barbie™, Hot Wheels™ and Fisher-Price™. Woohoo!

Just like them, we have fun exploring all the ways to assimilate a sense of wonder and pure imagination in all that we do! We’re unleashing an exclusive line of products featuring the three awesome brands, ranging from photo books, canvas prints, greeting cards and more. With that, you can now turn your kids’ best moments into memories in the coolest way! Check out the amazing designs, dynamic colours, fantastic cars, characters and wonderlands that come with each respective name. Have your boy go full throttle as you capture his best birthday blowout, your girl spread her fairy wings in a fabulous ballet recital or your little peanut taking those wobbly first steps and turn those incomparable moments into everlasting memories.

Each different brand caters to different little tots with its own unique theme, colour, icons and characters.




Sparkle like Glitter, Shine like Barbie™. With Barbie™, it’s all about the sparkle and looking fabulous! Girls will love the pinksational designs and the signature style that only Barbie™ knows how. Girls are encouraged to tap into their imaginations and creativity to live out their dreams. A Barbie girl can choose to be anything, from a fairy fashionista to a princess rockstar! With vibrant pops of colour and mixed with graphic media, you can bring the world of Barbie™ to life in a fresh new way! Just remember… If you can dream it, you can do it!


Hot Wheels


Go fast. Go full throttle. Go for it! Commit and leave nothing behind. This is Hot Wheels™! Boys will get down with Hot Wheels™ as they kick it into high gear and the outrageous move maneuvers unique to Hot Wheels™. It’s all about making the most of themselves as they take on challenges, break competition records and conquer obstacles. Hot Wheels™ encourages boys to push their limits and to keep going when they think they can’t go any further; because they can. So go fast, go full throttle and go for it! Commit and leave nothing behind. This is Hot Wheels™. Wreck ya later!




It’s feeding time somewhere… and your little peanut is munching down on some solid food. From birth to five years old, your baby is going to grow up in just a few blinks of the eye. Capture their development as they grow, playing learning and experiencing the world surrounded by bright, colourful characters that’s special to Fisher-Price™. See how playing leads to learning as they get busy with all their games and activities. So big smiles when you peek-a-boo with your cheeky monkey, it’s the Fisher-Price™ thing to do!


Our hyper team of designers are playing like mad to continuously deliver more readybooks and designs for you to create fun-filled memories for the kids. We’ve got something for all of them as we release more designs back-to-back. So make sure you check out our website for the latest in spectacular works in a choice of either Barbie™, Hot Wheels™, or Fisher-Price™ photo products. Click Here to check out our current releases and get in on the future of play the Mattel way.

*Please note that the Photobook Worldwide Mattel photo products, Barbie™, Hot Wheels™ and Fisher-Price™ are currently only available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines.



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