Five Family Games To Play After Dinner



Get together with your family and spend some quality time. As things would have it, classics like a home-cooked dinner is the best way to truly experience that closeness. So gather around the table, toast, feast, cheer and have a good time. To spice things up, throw some light games into the mixture. It invites laughter and playfulness and lets people let down their hair.

So after the turkey and deserts have been wiped out clean, continue the fun with everyone. We’ve chosen five family games to play after dinner to keep the party alive!


1) Spoons A fast paced card game. You’ll need a deck of cards (or two, depending on the amount of players) and spoons. The number of spoons should be one less than the number of players. Each player gets four random cards and the first player is to take another random card to be added into his/her set. The objective of the game is to get four of the same cards (i.e. four kings, four aces, four sevens…). The first person to get all four will rush for a spoon, others will then abandon their cards to get a spoon as well, effectively only one person will not get one. That person will get the letter ‘S’ and if they continue to lose the following rounds (four more times) they will earn the rest of the letters within the word SPOON, resulting in disqualification.

2) Mad Libs A classic favourite, its a word game where one player would prompt others to provide with a list of words which would substitute other key words within a story. The story is kept hidden until the list of words have been completed. You could always create your own story or find new ones online from various sites and enjoy a comical and hilarious time.

3) Charades A word guessing game, a player would act out a word or phrase by silently acting out clues and cues to what it might be. The more complex or uncommon the word/phrase, the funnier the acting! It’s an awesome game to play in groups and gives everyone equal opportunity to participate.

4) Twenty Questions This is a fine old traditional game. A player must guess what the other player is thinking of by asking only twenty questions which can only be answered by a “yes,” “no,” or “I don’t know.” They must guess what the other player is thinking of by the last question or else they lose the game. Make it more fun by give your game session a theme!

5) I’m Thankful For… Endless rounds of creative thinking and hilarious laughter! Players will take turns to declare why they are so grateful for a randomly chosen object by another player from around the room. The player is to start their sentence with “I’m thankful for…” and provide reasons as to why they are highly appreciative of that particular item. Same objects may be chosen repeatedly. Although it’s not really a scoring game, the more imaginative and elaborate the reason the better!


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So whether it’s Thanksgiving, Father’s Day or just getting the gang together, have a little fun. Remember that love overflows and joy never ends, in a house that has both family and friends.


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