The Perfect Present for Grandparents

grandparents day

grandparents day

“Life admits not of delays; when pleasure can be had, it is fit to catch it” – Dr. Johnson.

Life is well lived.. with all of its accomplishments and drama in its entirety, when you become a grandparent. It’s the realization of the legacy made and the impact you’re leaving behind. Being a grandparent makes you think of your grandchildren, your children, your parents and your endless predecessors. You start to think of what came before you – and the recipes that made what you are today.

So with Grandparents Day coming up, we at Photobook Worldwide figured how cool it would be if we could get to recount the story of our origins. Trace back the family roots and have it laid out in a beautiful pictorial timeline to tell the story. It may be cliche, but its gold! Lay down your own family tree, reveal the hidden stories and unveil the enchanting wonders kept within the lineage. It’s the perfect present for grandparents. In our latest readybook we call Memories and Legacies, you’ll be able to easily arrange portraits and connect them to one another, uncovering the relationships. It has that traditional look, designed to accommodate both vintage and current photographs whilst keeping an easy-flowing timeline to maintain an interesting storyboard. Check out below for a quick sneak peek through the pages.

It really is the perfect present for grandparents. You can even go the extra mile and create canvas prints and photo prints to showcase your precious moments with them. It’s more than just a gift, it’s heritage, and it means the world to them. Create your very own now and show just how far your family has come today.

Cherish the memories and remember your moments.. Forever.


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