The Party Before Christmas: What To Do


The Party Before Christmas: What To Do

It won’t be long now with only a month to go before Christmas greets us with all of its warmth and splendour. Christmas is truly one of the best times of the year and organizing a Christmas party does seem like a wonderful idea, don’t you think? Having loads of fun and creating endless cheerful memories does seem like a brilliant way to end yet another good year, making way for a new one. Having an early party sparks the holiday hype and gets people in the mood, besides there might be some who might not be around as December 25th draws closer since they’d be away during.

A party is definitely a lot of fun, it just requires a little bit of hard work though. But no sweat, with some proper planning and smart execution of ideas, you’re good to go. Here’s a little tip for you; be like Santa, make a list and check it twice. And we don’t mean a naughty or nice list, but a to-do list.


Folks Closest To Your Heart

Christmas is all about the joy of spending quality time and the excitement of being in the company of your loved ones. An intimate Christmas gathering between your closest friends and dearest family is definitely the perfect recipe for a perfect Christmas. Just the few of you getting together, exchanging gossips and new news over a few good drinks, laughing about the good ol’ times whilst feasting on the best Christmas dishes cooked up especially for the occasion.

Regardless whether its two weeks from now or from before Christmas, choose a suitable time and date to try and accommodate your loved ones. Make a list of people you would like to have over for a night to remember. That way, you get to plan for a Christmas party that is just nice for the right amount of people. Once these little details have been sorted out, work on your party invites. Do it however you want. Feel free, go easy and be creative.

Christmas Greeting & Invitation Cards

Looking for something that is simple and convenient? Click here to find within a variety of Christmas greeting cards and Christmas invitation cards that you can fully personalize and send to your loved ones. We’ve got loads of designs for you to choose from, and we’re always adding in more! From designs meant for your bff’s and family to lover and old school buddies.

Get what you need right from the comforts of home. Who ever said too much of a good thing is bad ey?



A Feast To Remember

One of the best holiday moments is the smell of hot cookies and cakes baking in the oven. It’s truly rewarding to see the your kids and spouses’ eyes light up and the sounds of their sighs as they sink into your first batch tantalizing home made treats. We’re talking colourful, sugary and pretty delights like the frosted shortbread cookies, Santa Hat sugar biscuits, the yumm-mazing holly-shaped fruit cake and many more. Also not forgetting your signature creamy mashed potatoes to the roasted Christmas turkey with the juiciest chicken, sage and onion stuffing. Aaahhh, feeling ravenous!

The internet has a variety of easy and doable recipes that you could pick up for your Christmas dinner. The trick here is to have loads of fun while cooking your best dishes. Your guests can tell just how much love and effort has gone into each and every dish you’ve prepared as they dig in.



Merry & Joyful Assortment

Colorful baubles, sparkly streamers and gorgeous ornaments are some of the Christmas decorations that go on your Christmas tree and your home. The simple mix of colorful decorations is what gives your entire home that Christmas feel. Go on, shop for or make the prettiest adornments that brings the Christmas magic home.

For something different and truly unique, try our Insta Cards. These are mini and nifty sized cards on which you can replicate your best memories on top of and hang them all around your home. Your best memories could be photos of an amazing holiday with the family and even the adorable selfies with your best pals. You can then hang these precious mementos on your tree along with your other ornaments and even use them as gift cards if you wish to. They work well with anything, all you need is a little imagination and elf magic! It will also make people honored and special knowing that your best life moments have them in it.


Fancy Box Of Delights

The best thing about the Christmas season has to be the gifts. No matter the age, the sight of the colorful packages wrapped in pretty bow underneath the ornamented tree is a sight to behold, and definitely the highlight of Christmas! Your gifts however need not be expensive and lavish. One that is given from the heart with lots of love and honesty is truly the best gift ever. Kids will love the cuddly teddy bears, colorful books and even trendy clothes. Search the internet for current favourites if you want something that is more up to trend, from action figures to gaming consoles.

As for the grown ups, like your siblings, best friends and even colleagues, you could go for stuff that is simple and thoughtful. For instance, a good book for your grandparents, a gorgeous knitted scarf for your girl friend, a fancy cigar lighter for the boss and the list just goes on.

But if you’re also on the lookout for something that is unique and different. Since its Christmas and the year end, the calendars make for a perfect choice of Christmas gift idea. All 28 pages on your calendar can be personalized with the best and most unique memories. Click here to find within a variety of unique and distinctive designs that can be gifted to loved ones.



Magical YOU..

It’s Christmas! A perfect time to try out something new. That means anything from a new hairstyle to a new mobile phone case even. While you’re out shopping for the essentials, squeeze in some time for a nice mani-pedi session or even a foot massage at one of your favourite places in the mall. It’s the year end and there will be discounts and deals available on a lot of things, so be sure to put them to the best of use. Do stuff that makes you happy and relaxed, pamper yourself to the best. Your awesome self deserves a treat after a whole year of being good.

On the day of your Christmas party, just be sure to take lots of good photos. And since it’s the year end, we have a deal you might like as well. Take a look at the 10 Days To Christmas ReadyBook in which you can preserve and commemorate your best Christmas 2014 moments. It makes for a lovely keepsake which you can also share with loved ones later on. We promise they will blow your Christmas stockings away!

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to you sweet one.


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