Large Format Prints: Accentuate Beauty




Take wall decorations a notch up with our Large Format Prints. Breathing life into your most precious photos, experience intensified colours and accentuated beauty in your most memorable moments. Its brings details to attention, giving your images the stunning drama and flair it truly deserves.

Beautiful, practical, and impeccable, it makes a beautiful memento for weddings photos, travel shots, family get-togethers or even as a collage. Have it printed in a choice of four paper types, each with its own special characteristics.


Paper Type

Ultra Lustre: Stunning polished surface with a mild sheen, experience pin-sharp details in colour consistency and brilliance. 



Ultra Raster: Thickest of the four, it’s also unique in that it has a rougher hexagonal texture for a more rugged look and feel.



Ultra Metallic: A strong sheen with silk-like presence, it has a grainy yet smooth quality that exudes a pearlescent finish.



Ultra Glossy: Smooth to the touch while offering crystal sharp images, it produces a gleaming finish and excellent whiteness.




You can select from three different sizes in a choice of either Portrait or Landscape format.

– 16″ x 20″ Portrait                                         – 20″ x 16″ Landscape

– 20″ x 30″ Portrait                                         – 30″ x 20″ Landscape

– 24″ x 36″ Portrait                                         – 36″ x 24″ Landscape












Check out our Large Format Prints page to get started as you take wall decorations up a notch, breathing life into your most precious photos.


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