10 Tips on Taking Baby Pics



We all know just how fast a baby grows. From tiny bundles of joy to speedy little toddlers, they continuously change, learn and blossom. Such is their growth rate that every passing moment is special, unique and novel in its own way. Make the most out of it by capturing their developing years. But just how should you go about it you may ask?

Well here are a few tips on taking good pictures of your tiny tot.


11. First focus on the first

Start off easy. Rather than trying to go for that perfect posed portrait, live in the moment and capture all of their firsts. First yawn, first solid food, first steps, first swim and so forth.






2. Leveling out

Just like any other shots, the key to getting good pictures is to find the right angle. Remember that your baby is experimenting just as much as you are, so test the waters and try out different things. Get close, closer and real close, from side to side and more to see what kinds of shots you can get. But mind that ideally you should be at the same level as your baby for the best effects.




33. Details matter

Your child is a precious little gem, and every inch should be celebrated (other than nibbling on the cute little munchkin!). You could try focusing on other parts like toes, hands, eyes and even ears.






4. Catch that smile4

It’s something simple that even the best of us tend to forget as we get caught up in the mega-cuteness of an infant – don’t forget that grin! As one of the most basic of raw emotions, capture the show of joy, comfort and happiness as your newborn expresses their happiness.





55. Keep The Price

There’s no need to splurge, purchasing expensive cameras and equipment. The best moments come from the heart. Be inspired by your baby and let the love take over. The rest will take care of itself. Sweet personal moments also resonate deeper.





6. Keep at it6

Like we mentioned up top, such is their growth rate that every passing moment is special, unique and novel in its own way. Take frequent snaps (daily?) and you’ll see a beautiful evolution of your child as they steadily grow bigger.





77. A Time and Place

Make your surroundings part of your child’s story. Use special locations as background for your baby’s photo, such as home, playground, parent’s place and so forth. This plays a huge part in their later years as you and the family continue to grow, maybe even change places.





8. Save and Organized8

You may be making a photo chronicle as your mission, but practice a little foresight by making sure that the photos are always backed up and well organized. Break it into years, occasions or even places. This makes any future search easier and safe *knock-on-wood* in case you ever lose your smart phone.




99. Noir et blanc

Consider going for a classic black and white look. It’s an elegant and timeless look and on the plus side, it softens your shot, better hides marks and scratches which helps to keep the focus on your baby as a whole.






10. Engage them10

Be part of the photo. A big part of your baby’s life is, surprise surprise, you! Get in on the action with them, engaging them in activity and action. Maybe get your other kids in the photo op too. The results tend to be significantly more animated and meaningful. Play, hold, embrace and kiss them.





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