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Halloween is coming and it’s time for all our little monsters to come and hunt! The ghouls and the monsters, the witches and the wizards, and the heroes and villains are all in for an evening of fang-tastic terrors. Keep the evening fun and exciting for all creatures, both big and small, with Photobook’s Lucky 13 Halloween Tips, Tricks & Treats.


Dastardly Decorations

1. Sleepy BootsthumbNew

You’ll need: Piles of leaves / Pair of boots

Rake piles of leaves together to create a Squircle (a rounded rectangle), adding in a pair of boots at one end, making it look like someone is lying underneath the pile with their legs protruding out.
*Add on a prop tombstone for added effect!


2. Helium Ghosts

You’ll need: Helium balloons / Super light-weight cloth / Cut out eyes and mouth / Sticky tape / Dead weights

Have a few ghosts on your lawn welcome your guests. Get a few Helium filled balloons (transparent ones work best) and secure the string to the ground. Throw a light cloth over the balloon, keeping it in place with some tape. Add paper eyes and mouth. Organza and Chiffon cloth are both alright.



spirit-Jugs-2-1-edited3. Gallon Jug Jack Walkway

You’ll need: Gallon Jugs / Marker pens / String lights

Light your walkway with a motley crew of Gallon Jug Jacks by lining them up along the path. Get empty Gallon Jugs and draw Jack faces on them. You could then either poke holes on the sides to pull string lights through and illuminate it all or just throw different coloured glow sticks in.





4. Monster Murder Chalk

You’ll need: An assistant / White chalk

This one’s easy and plays more of a supporting role, but is plenty of fun. Find a spot either on your walkway, driveway or even on your patio, wide enough for your assistant to lie down on. Draw a rough outline around them.

*Get a little extra creative by adding in other details such as outlines of wings, claws, horns, tails, brooms, wands and anything else to make it more Halloween-y!


5. Enchanting Patioribbons

You’ll need: Long strips of ribbons (PLENTY of em) / String lights

Create a captivating atmosphere by setting the tone right there on your patio. Start by arranging and hanging your string lights around, keeping in mind that you’ll be switching off your main lights and will be depending on the string lights for that charming glow. Once you’ve got that in place, start hanging your strips of ribbons from the ceiling so that it hangs loose. Keep it at various lengths and a bit dense everywhere else except the front door, you’ll want it a bit sparse. For safety, make sure that you have at least a foot of space between floor and ribbon to avoid accidental tripping.


6. The Scary Door

You’ll need: A door / Glow sticks

Give your door that eerie effect by keeping your porch super dim and lining the bottom of your front door with green glow sticks. Line the glass panels too if your front door has it.






7. Eyeball Jareyeballs

You’ll need: Ping Pong balls / Googly eyes / Red marker pen / Big jars

Add spook-tacular decorations at home by attaching a googly on each Ping Pong ball. Then draw some thin veins using the red marker pen around the googly eye for added effect. Place them all in jars around the house.


8. Bloody Candles

You’ll need: White candles / Red candles

If you’re lighting up candles, melt some wax from the red candle over the white candles to give it a little gory and bloody styling. Goes great with a candelabra and some black dining utensils.



poisoned9. Poison Rack

You’ll need: Assorted jars, vials and small bottles of various sizes (you’ll need a transparent bottom) / black marker pens / Paper / Scissors / Glue / Various coloured drinks

Start off by cutting paper, suited for the outer bottom of each different sized jar, vial and bottle. Write “You’ve Been Poisoned!” on each piece of paper and glue it to the bottom, with the words visible from the inside.

Then start filling the different jars, vials and bottles with different coloured drinks, from juices, soft drinks and more! Your guests will discover your evil plot every time they finish a drink.


On The Safe Side

10. Clever Costumes

While All Hallows Eve is a time for everyone to get a little more creative and embrace the scary in them, it’s also practical to practice some additional caution. Try to go for a more light coloured costume, making it easy to be seen at night.


glow-stick11. Glow Stick Bracelets

Mix Glow-In-The-Dark or Glow Stick bracelets together with the candy that you give away. Encourage the little monsters to wear them if they’re not already wearing it. Not only are they fun, it’s also to keep them visible as night sets in. Remember – be safe, be smart, be seen.




12. Night Falls

Popular trick-or-treating hours are from 5:30pm to 9:30pm, so you’ll want to best be prepared during those four hours. Help one another and keep an eye out for your kids and others, as you would any other day as well.


13. Haunted Houses

It’s best to fix a travel route for your kids to go trick or treating, having pre-selected stops and houses. This helps you plan out some fun sneaky surprises and have a nice flow through the evening.


So there you have it – our lucky 13 tips, tricks & treats to a better All Hallows Eve.
Get yourself the family ready for a deviously good time and remember to be safe out there!

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