Five Mother’s Day Message Ideas

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We know that sometimes, despite our most sincere thoughts and good intentions, we just can’t seem to express ourselves properly. Words seems to escape and a Greeting Card becomes JUST a pretty card. Now Mom’s the word, and she deserves only the best. So here are some message ideas to maybe spark a little inspiration in you!


1. For all the wonders and magic you’ve made come true in my life, I could never imagine a more perfect life than the one you’ve helped build for me. The love, tenderness and devotion you’ve given is beyond compare, which is why you are, and always will be, the best Mom in the world. Happy Mother’s Day!


2. It’s a special day made for the coolest, funniest, smartest, funkiest and most wonderful Mother’s in the world. So… to the coolest, funniest, smartest, funkiest and most wonderful Mommy in the entire cosmos, may you be blessed with the same amount of love you’ve shared with the world a hundredfold. Happy Mother’s Day!


3. I know a lot of people around the world may say this, but I for one, can genuinely express how grateful I am to have you as MY Mama. From walking to reading to writing to singing to love, I am everything I am because of you. You live your life so graciously that you’ve set an admirable example for me and everyone else to follow. You are, without a doubt, an amazing woman. Happy Mother’s Day!
4. I already say it almost everyday, but I know I don’t say it nearly enough. I love you Momma. I love you for all the unconditional love, care and wisdom you have given us, and I just hope that the love I have is at least an approximate of the love you gave as I grew up. It’s a special day today to celebrate the wonderful person that you are. Happy Mother’s Day!


5. There are three things I’m grateful for – Your love, your care, and your cooking. Your cooking that has fed and nourished me, nurtured me with meals that were made with affection; your care that has clothed and bathed me, sheltered and protected me, making me big and strong together with your love that has filled me with inspiration, hope and my own growing sense of love. Happy Mother’s Day!


Hope the five ideas we have above helps you in finding the right things to say to Mama. Remember, the best messages come from the heart. Let it out from deep within and you might even find that there aren’t enough words to say what you really feel.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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