10 Last Minute Travel Tips You Absolutely Need to Know



Some are spur of the moment decisions, some are surprise vacation times and some others are simply someone-forgot-to-plan-it-out. Whatever the reasons are, check out our brilliant 10 last minute travel tips!


Travel Tip #1 Keep an open mind.

Chances are your options would be rather limited so you can’t afford to get all fussy and particular. It’s a great opportunity to try something new, especially if you’re travelling solo or with a partner who’s cool to jump on to new experiences. This alone opens up more opportunities and options for you. Think serendipity!


Travel Tip #2 Browse Third-Party Sites

Vacation and travel-deal Websites these days have become pretty competitive, often resulting in working together with airlines, tours, hotels and resorts to offer better rates than you would if you went direct. They’re giving these vendors quantity, in return of crazy prices. Different sites/apps have different arrangements with their list of offers, so it’d be a good idea to do a little browsing first.


Travel Tip #3 Activities

You don’t necessarily have to spend too much time planning out your itinerary. Considering that you’re already keeping an open mind about this vacation, you could either opt for a lazy getaway for some R&R, or simply take on pre-planned packages. Third-party sites often include all-inclusive deals where they throw in various types of tours and trips alongside their hotel bookings. These tours and trips are usually made to cater to different types of vacationers, from the nature-seekers to the urban explorers; and they’re often much cheaper than taking it on separately.


Travel Tip #4 Homestays

Super popular these days. There are a lot of privately owned residential homes for rent and the sheer variety of it lets you pick out one that easily fits your budget. Most of these homes are also decked out to be more attractive and accommodating so they’ll have Wi-Fi, heating/airconditioning, free parking and other basics at no extra charge. You could even try your luck and haggle a bit since any homeowner would generally have their house rented then stay empty anyway. There are a lot of websites that cater to these sort of vacation homes, airbnb being one of them. Local classifieds are a good lead too.


Travel Tip #5 Mid-week is best

Beat the weekend crowd by going mid week! Travel and accommodations traditionally tend to be less packed and much cheaper on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Travel Tip #6 Seek out partnerships and reward schemes

Credit cards, loyalty cards, various associations and other multi-partner consumer reward programs frequently have holiday packages that you might want to consider using to your advantage. Some even allow cash top ups on top of whatever “points” you may have already earned thus far.


Travel Tip #7 Plan ahead

Last minute retreats need not be messy nor pricey. It’s usually the little details that eat up into your travel budget, so plan ahead and do a little research about where you’re going. Learn about local attractions, food, getting around and so forth and see what you must have or can do without, adapting it to your holiday style. It’ll save you a lot of time, money and heartache. It’s supposed to be fun gosh darn-it!




Travel Tip #8 Travel light

Go easy on the gadgets and gifts. You’re going for a holiday, so you maaaybe want to consider ditching your laptop, expensive DSLR and whatever else at home. Most smartphones these days have decent quality camera’s anyway.

Try not to binge on gifts for loved ones as well. We’re usually all about being sweet and remembering our friends and family, but last minute travels tend to be chaotic enough already and you don’t want to have to worry about your luggage quota.


Travel Tip #9 Tour Cancellations

Popular adventure tour programs like white water rafting excursions, snorkeling trips and the sort are always booked in advance, but they have a cancelation list (waiting list) you can throw your name into. Participants often pull out at the very last minute due to injuries, conflicting schedules or just plain cold feet. Check these lists of the programs you’ve signed on for any potential openings.


Travel Tip #10 Carefree Trips

Again, be mindful about what sort of trip this is. If you need everything to be absolutely perfect (like a honeymoon or a family vacation), then plan ahead. Last minute vacations will rarely go down exactly the way you imagine it so keeping an open mind about it is important. Use it for fun trips, not crucial ones. Besides, do you really want to be spending your time, energy and money to be frustrated with the result?




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