A Meaningful Raya



As Eid al-Fitr marks the end of the fasting month, it is the time to renew familial ties and fostering the spirit of generosity. The celebration kicks off with a special prayer to give thanks followed by a feast and donning of new clothes which also represents a spiritual renewal.

One of the significance of this celebration is the green packets given out by the adults. So what are these green packets?

Similar to the Chinese “ang pao” custom, the green packet also signifies best wishes to the receivers which is based on the Muslim custom of sadaqah (voluntary charity) and zakat (a form of almsgiving). The colour green is normally used to symbolise its association with jannah, the Islamic paradise.

It has become a customary practice for adults to give out to children and not at all surprised that children get very excited when the day comes.


A Unique Raya Packet


This year, make your Raya more personal by showcasing what the festivity means to you through our customised Money Envelopes. It doesn’t have to be green anymore because gold, silver, blue and other bright colours are now more popular than ever. You can now do that by personalising our Money Envelopes according to your taste.

Fill it with more than just money. Share your love, happiness and joy with the people you’re giving it to by including a warm message or well wishes together with your favourite family photograph.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin because we have a wonderful selections of ready Money Envelope templates to help you. Here are some designs we’ve prepared to get you in the mood:


Picture Perfect Celebration



An Exquisite Aidilfitri



Fun & Cheerful


Here’s a little fun fact about our Money Envelopes:

The Money Envelope is measured at 85mm x 170mm, making it a perfect fit for most common banknotes. Available in a single design or 10 designs, each Money Envelope is personalisable inside and out with text, images or other details.

If our designs inspire your creativity, then head over HERE now to get yours and happy designing! ❤



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