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Let’s be honest – hardly anyone carries a bulky or compact camera anymore wherever they go (unless you’re a pro photographer). Your smartphone is now your best bet when it comes to photo snapping everything everywhere and eventually gives you an overflowing camera roll by the end of the day.

We know how precious it is for you to keep all the happy moments close to you but it doesn’t have to overload your phone’s memory. Our clever little Photobook App can give your phone a breather while still keeping those meaningful photographs in a book! 

Find out about it now!

If you haven’t heard about the Photobook App yet, tap on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store in your smartphone and search for “Photobook: Albums and prints” to install the app.

While the app is downloading, here are some great things about this wonderful photo book for you to know about:

  • It’s square in size measuring at 6” x 6”, 8” x 8” or 12” x 12”.
  • It’s lightweight, portable and convenient.
  • It has a hard cover to give a more fancy look.
  • One picture per page, minimum 21 pictures including cover.
  • Suitable as a coffee table book, unique gifts or personal keepsake.
  • Available only on the Photobook App.

In other words, the Simple Book is a no fuss, no muss album to hold all your favourite memories stored in your phone. All you need to do is pick your photos straight from your phone, upload and we’ll print it for you.

Here’s the low-down.


For iOS and Android smartphones.

  1. After you’ve installed the Photobook app in your phone, launch the app and select the “Simple Books” product.



  1. Next, select your preferred Simple Book size – 6” x 6” / 8” x 8” / 12” x 12” and tap “Next”.



  1. Once you’ve selected your book size, choose to upload your photos from your phone, Instagram, Facebook or Flickr account. Then select a minimum of 21 images (or add up to 300 pages) and tap “Next” to create your book.




  1. After that, drag and drop your photos to arrange them. You could also “Delete” any photo or “Add Photo” by tapping on the respective function at the bottom of the screen.



  1. Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, tap “Next” and add a line of text to dedicate it to someone special or the subject of your book on the back cover. 



  1. Click “Order” or “Next” to select your paper type with Premium Silk paper by default. You can choose to further upgrade your paper with additional charges.



  1. Once you’ve arrived on the Checkout page, here are a few things you need to do:
  • Select your Delivery and Billing Address and Delivery Options
  • Look through your Order Summary to make sure your order is correct.
  • Enter your voucher code if applicable.
  • Choose your preferred payment method.

Tap “Order Now” at the bottom of the screen when you’ve confirmed and ready to proceed with payment.



  1. After payment, your order is created and a confirmation email will be sent to your email. So just sit back and relax while we get your album delivered to your doorstep!


That’s it, and you’ll have yourself a book of memories you will never stop reminiscing with. Be it your photo travelogue, wedding door gifts, an anniversary surprise or even your baby’s milestone book – the possibilities are endless.

Watch the tutorial below to see how it’s done:


Aside from the Simple Book, our Photobook App offers more products to choose from such as Photo Prints, Calendars and various Home Decors to highlight your growing memories. Go ahead and explore it, you’ll definitely find something you’ll love in there. Just keep snapping and collect more happy times for a handful collection of a life well lived.

Don’t forget to turn on your push notification setting for daily surprises exclusively on the Photobook App! ❤️



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