Wonders of a BBQ Party – *Promo Ended*


Wonders of a BBQ Party – *Promo Ended*

Family and food are the perfect combination for a good time. Fun times with loved ones are definitely worth keeping and sharing. You’ll surely love looking back at the nice memories you’ve made when you leaf through a photo book of your get together. What could you get with organizing a long-awaited BBQ party with family and close friends?


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Catching up with loved ones

It’s always heartwarming to be able to spend time with loved ones amid busy schedules. A get together just to catch up not only relieves us of our stresses but also strengthens the bond we have with friends and family. A BBQ party, which is best in this weather, will surely get everyone feeling lighthearted and cheerful as we share stories and laughter when preparing the food or while seated at the table.


Times like these, it’s important that we have a camera at our disposal. BBQ parties don’t always come by so you have to make sure to snap away whenever you can. Take a shot of grandma eating corn and your cousins playing while waiting for the sumptuous meal. Make a book of these pictures and use our Readybook to capture the vibe of the celebration perfectly.


Brush up on your BBQ-ing skills

Not only is it a time to catch up with loved ones, but it is also the perfect opportunity to brush up on your BBQ-ing skills. Experiment with your marinade this time or get inspired with different BBQ recipes in various countries. While preparing and making the best BBQ, take a few snaps and save the photos for a recipe book. Compile all the recipes for your delicious creations and create photo book designed with BBQ Party Readybook.


Part of BBQ Party Readybook

Start making the family tree

Everyone’s present for the BBQ! Don’t miss the chance to take photos with everyone and each one. This also gives you the opportunity to finally start on your family tree. You don’t only get to hang out and have fun with your loved ones, you also get the chance to document your family’s lineage and let your kids enjoy looking through it and learning more about their heritage. Create a photo book of all your family photos from the BBQ party and put in some stories about each relative.


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Have a blast on your BBQ party! And happy bookmaking!



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