Top 10 Classic and New Poses for the Bride and the Bridesmaids


The big day is coming and, certainly, you’d want everything on that day to radiate the pure kind of happiness enfolding you and your groom. From your guests, to your attire and the ceremony’s motif, to the venue, and every aspect in between — everything is hoped to reflect solemnity and pristineness.

And if you find yourself thoroughly invested in these details, as anyone excited to tie the knot would, you’d like your wedding photos and your poses to be beautiful too, wouldn’t you? After all, these pictures will encapsulate and eternalize the bliss felt and radiated on your wedding day.

To help you out with your wedding photography, we looked around for ideas for bride and bridesmaids poses which we think you’ll be happy to use. Some of these have become classics, while others are fresh and unconventional. Either way, we can tell they’re all exciting to pull off.

Here they are:

Dressing Up

This pose has graced many a wedding album, and not surprisingly. It’s full of elegance, and captures the quiet thrill the bride feels.

Photo from Aphrodite’s Wedding Blog

A Peek into a Curtained Window

This is another pose that’s considered a favorite among brides, as it symbolizes hopefulness and excitement.

Photo from Wedding Lovers Anonymous


As this shot captures the features of the bride from an imposing angle, it exhibits her delicateness, as well as the serenity of her feelings.

Photo from Style Me Pretty

Solo, at the Altar

A solo shot of the bride at the altar has a dramatic effect, don’t you think?

Photo from Bridal Cookie

Atop a Carriage (Or Any Considerably High Platform)

This shot gives the bride an air of prestige.

Photo from Love My Dress

Bonding on the Morning of the Wedding

This pose definitely shows the closeness and camaraderie between the bridesmaids and the bride.

Photo from White Box Blog

Look Up

A pose that’s not only trendy these days, but also exhibits hopefulness for brighter days ahead for the couple.

Photo from Wedding Gawker

Backs on the Camera

This pose can be taken to mean that even with the bride now married, the good relationship she has with the bridesmaids will remain.

Photo from Audrey Hannah Photography


Not only does uniformity connote confidence and savvy, but it’s also pretty to look at.

Photo taken from M.E. Photos

Jumpshot (With Shoes on Display)

This is a fresh take on the famous jump shot, with the girls shoes set on the foreground. Why are they placed there? Because girls love shoes!

Photo taken from Izlas

With these suggestions, we hope we’ve introduced ways for you to have your wedding photos more interesting and moving, having them elicit more thoughtful smiles and greater fondness from you when you gaze at them in the years to come.

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Best wishes, and happy photo book-making!


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2 Responses to “Top 10 Classic and New Poses for the Bride and the Bridesmaids”

  1. Love the suggestions for the wedding day, but want to caution new photographers against putting your subject above the camera or using wide angle lenses since both will add weight to most normal people…unless they’re slender or models. I’m not saying don’t ever do it, just be thoughtful of your subjects. I don’t know any women who want to look heavier than they do! LOL!

    • That’s so true, Dee. Who would like to see themselves unwittingly being added a few pounds in a picture?

      Heh, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. :)