8 Awesome Poster Collage Layouts

poster collage

We have over 20 interesting poster collage layouts included in Photobook Designer for you to explore and use for your poster masterpiece. Here are the top 8 poster collages that we think you will love.

A picture paints a thousand words, so the adage goes. And true enough, you can infer several ideas, notions and concepts from just a single picture. So imagine how many more of those you can get from more than a few images and objects placed in a single frame. That’s the magic of a collage.

poster collage

There are instances where the connection between the pictures and other materials in a collage is palpable, ready to be deduced within seconds of glancing at it. You can tell the story – or your version of it – by looking at the pictures and objects in it for just a few moments. An example of this is a photo collage of an event, occasion or travel.

Other collages show an intricacy in the tale that is being told by the images and objects, especially if they were taken and gathered in different periods and in several places but feature the same people. This type of collage is often poignant because of the changes that you can see in the people and places depicted in the pictures and by the materials. You can almost feel these differences as if you were there to experience them yourself (that is if you’re not in the photos yourself!)

If you’d like to create a poster collage with either of the abovementioned points, you can do so with lots of ease and creativity with our Poster Prints. What sets apart making poster collages with our Poster Prints from other methods is that not only will you be able to put together a poster collage of your beautiful photos easily but you will also most certainly create a masterpiece worthy of being hung on your wall for everyone to marvel at.

In the Photobook Designer Software, you can see several Page Styles especially designed for evocative collages. Depending on your taste and the number of photos available, you can choose from these 8 Poster Collage Page Styles which we think will give your pictures the most beautiful juxtapositions they can be in.

8 Poster Collage Layouts

poster collage 1

Poster Collage with an arrangement of 5 images in 3 lines. Neat and simple look. We added a dark brown background with little heart shapes from our Background collection. You can choose any background you like or simply leave it white.
Total Images : 15

Poster Collage 2

Six great photos form this poster collage. Two larger sizes and four smaller ones. We added a light pink background from our Background collection, which you can go without if you prefer.

Total Images : 6

Poster Collage 3

If you have at least 20 photos to showcase, this is one nice poster collage layout to go for. This goes great as wall showcase. There is just so much story in one poster!
Total Images : 21

Poster Collage 4

One showcase image and five other awesome images in one poster collage. We added on a light blue background from our Backgrounds collection. Choose your own background or maybe upload your own!
Total Images : 6

Poster Collage 5

Poster collage featuring photos side-by-side with no white borders. Its a nice feel to it. Great on its own or framed up.
Total Images : 6

Poster Collage 6

We simply love this poster collage’s layout effect. Its aura just rubs off on us. One feature image in the middle and two square images on both sides. While its perfect for instagram, it is also great for other types of photos. Frame it up or put it on the wall as it is. Either way, it looks great.
Total Images : 5

Poster Collage 7


like this because the middle rounded photo just stands out beautifully. We have used images of flowers for this poster, but we think it is great idea to feature your family with this as well. The wide borders adds a sophisticated feel to the poster collage.
Total Images : 6

Poster Collage 8

We’ve left the best till last and simply love this heart shaped poster collage. It’s one of our favorites and we believe it will be one of your favorites as well! This heart-shaped poster collage is great for weddings, marriage proposals, family or simply as a gift to someone you want to impress.
Total Images : 56

With these, we’re sure you can make your own masterfully created poster collage for whichever purpose you desire. But don’t limit yourself to what we have to offer, use our Photobook Designer to create your own versions and mix & match for different effects.

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Make your poster collage now and see just how you can leave everyone in awe!


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2 Responses to “8 Awesome Poster Collage Layouts”

  1. hi. is it possible to have a template for numbers too? :) we wanted to print one for our son’s birthday. thanks.

    • Hey Joy, we might put this into our pipeline. :) Alternatively, you may search for any nice .PNG files (For numbers) out there which can be added into our Photobook Designer as a Scrapbook item. From there, you’ll be able to use the image for your Poster design. Hope this helps.