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classic photobook

classic photobook

Some things are just eternal treasures, classics that seem to never age nor go out of style, like Audrey Hepburn, milkshakes and a good pair of jeans. Acknowledged for its definitive qualities and absolutely adored by everyone, a truly memorable appeal never loses its light and accommodates everything.

That’s why we’ve introduced the Classic Photobook series – readybooks made to give you that familiar feeling in showcasing your best moments.  Far from traditional yet charismatic, the attractive settings allows a natural flow for your friends and family to comfortably go through your collection of photographs.  So whatever your theme or occasion, our classic photobook layouts obliges almost anything you need it for.

Its everlasting qualities make it especially perfect for mementos and other captured moments, preserving your most precious memories for generations to come. Imagine preserving photos of an incredible holiday with your family and having it available for your grandchildren to take a peek of how life was before their time.

One good example of this is the readybook below called ‘Classic Neutral’.

It has a simple and minimalistic layout, earthly tones and a smooth natural flow that makes it undoubtedly convenient for anyone to place their pictures and just as comfortable for anyone to view them.  It works great for any sort of colour as well as themes.

Over the next seven days, we’ll be promoting our Classic Photobook series with a 55% discount. We’re even pushing our Portrait Posters at 60% off as well as Canvas Prints and Greeting Cards both at half price. Check out the appeal of timeless designs now and discover just how amazing it really is.


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