What’s Sizzling Hot in September 2014

Whats Hot in September 2014

Whats Hot in September 2014

Lay down that fresh vibe and take a moment to let it all sink in – What’s Hot September is all about the finer, smaller things in life. We’re talking about an iced peach tea on a hot afternoon, a walk in the park, a darn good book or even hot chocolate on a rainy morning. Let those big theme park ads say what they want to say! Nothing beats the hours spent lazing around with your best friend. Well maybe perhaps throwing back a couple of drinks with them during happy hour.

Make the most of those moments and remember them in any way you want. From one of the most in-demand Readybooks to our newly launched Notebooks, this season is all about marrying creativity with variety.  With fantastic templates and hard-to-resist prices, there is something for everyone to dip their fingers into.  We know how fickle anyone can be in choosing that one ideal book or canvas print, so we compiled some of our bestsellers in each of the categories. Sift through our list below and take your pick (or even all of em’ if you want!) that best suits your amazing photos.


Trip of the Year Readybook | Photobook Worldwide Unconditional Love Readybook | Photobook Worldwide Love Letter Readybook | Photobook Worldwide
Trip of the Year Readybook Unconditional Love Readybook Love Letter Readybook


Fun, uplifting and all-round exciting, these readybooks are three of our (and yours!) top favourites when it comes to good times! Ideal for merry-making, friendly hugs and all those moments that are worth immortalizing. Just remember that while you can retake a class, you could never re-live a party! These layouts are designed to capture the best of good times. Y’know.. because you might not remember it the next morning. 

Canvas Prints

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Travel Happy Abbey Road Las Vegas Boulevard


Transform the walls of your private domain into your own masterpiece. Take your favourite photos (be it a portrait, scenery or special moment) and bring it up a notch by making it into a canvas print. It’s ideal as a focus point in any room, turning blank walls into galleries and photos into wall art. 



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Say it with style as you make your messages come alive. While we’ve got cards for anything you may need, these three really stand out when it comes to funky-as designs. It’s fun, cheerful and inviting, just right to lift up spirits and call out for a good time.



1cover 1cover 1cover

Go beyond pen meeting paper as you flow away the most intimate words poured from the heart. The private confessions of a lover expressing a deep longing or the wildest, craziest and most inspired ideas as you set out into the world. It could even be a reflection of how much a child means to you. Whatever it may be, echo it by personalizing it on a notebook – placing your prefered photos on the front and back covers, both inside and out. 



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Get down with the funky bunch as you make your own awesomely wicked posters!! Use inspirational quotes, groovy elements, a hip photo of yourself and voila! your own awesomely wicked poster. Or if that’s not really your style, it can even be used as an alternative to our other products – like using it as a club committee layout, an invitation for a bloc party or an announcement. But above all else, it’s just a lot of fun!

Photo Prints

Photo Prints 4R 5R 8R 11R | Photobook Worldwide

Some memories are meant to be kept close to the heart; and sometimes, some photos just have to be held. It means that much you. Have your most precious memories printed out in any of our four choices of sizes. Because some memories are meant to be kept close to the heart.As always, our advice in the process is to get yourself a good feel of which product and design best appeals to you. Once that’s done, dive right into it and let the experiences speak for itself. You might be surprised how your story turns out. Don’t forget to adjust accordingly to give it that extra touch.


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