2015 Top 15 Father’s Day Gift Ideas



A good father makes all the difference in the upbringing of a child. He is the source of a fierce yet tender love, caring and protecting his children without condition or regards for himself. He does it because it’s more than mere responsibility, it’s primal instinct.

Celebrate this man of of the house, for all the wonders that he has accomplished. Make time for him, it’s the one thing he wants more than anything else. But for all else, we’ve compiled the best gifts for men in our top 15 Father’s Day gift ideas! Check it out!


1. Throwback sweets

Contrary to popular belief, father’s too had a childhood. This means they also grew up with sweets! A lof of these said sweets and candy are probably not as popular as they once were, which makes getting it as a Father’s Day present all the more cool. It wouldn’t be as sweet as it would be nostalgic.




2. Wallet

As far as gift ideas for dad goes, you can’t go wrong with a brand new wallet. His current one is fine, we’re sure. But it could use a little less bulk and a little more sleek. If he doesn’t have it yet though, invest in a proper quality leather based wallet. Just like men, it gets better with age.




3. Custom Office Mugs

Nothing says #1 Dad more than an office mug! It’s a good pick me up for when he has that bad day in the office and he’s getting a little more burnt out with each passing minute, but quiet little reminders like this is an amazing pick-me-up.




4. The Necessities For Home DIY Activities

Like we mentioned up top, time is the one thing he wants more above all else. and that he wants to spend time with you! So what better idea than getting all the right ingredients for a DiY project at home. It could be anything from an improvised recycled shelf to a garden patio.




5. Little Photos For Him To Keep Everywhere

Deck him out with meaningful moments wherever he may be as you hook him up with our Insta Cards. It’s small, cute and nifty, easy to bring around and keep it wherever he wants. Let him have it in his wallet, his car, his desk and even in the gym locker.



6. Facial Grooming Kit

We all know that daddies would probably leave his stubble grow out and his skin dry up if left on his own. Set him up with the right facial wash to let his skin glow, just like his amazing charisma.




7. Coffee Machine

Because Coffee.




8. James Bond Stuff

EVERY man’s man. He’s the epitome of mainstream suave, charm, danger and the right sum of machismo. Channel his inner Bond as you dress him up to the nines with maybe a new pair of shades, a bow tie or a pair of cufflinks perhaps. A laser pen would be pretty cool too.




9. Gadgets

Speaking of which, gadgets make great gifts for men too. Inside every father is a boy, and boys are naturally gadget freaks. Check out the latest in gizmo’s, doohickeys and all other devices such as mobile phones, computers, toys and even bikes.




10. Perfume

Another great entry for Fathers Day gift ideas are perfumes. Diversify his scent range with a stunning cologne that’ll be as awesome as it would be memorable.




11. Barbeque

The man needs his meat! Throw him a nice backyard barbecue get-together for a real man’s Father’s Day evening. If he’s not so fussy about it, prepare the meat and everything else yourself. Marinate it, set up the pit, deck out the backyard and all the other necessities. BUT leave the grilling to him.




12. A Lighter

If he’s a smoker, get him to do it in style with a flint-wheel ignition windproof lighter. That’s one way to express how he lights up your life.




13. Matching Clothes

It’s absolutely adorable, more so for brand new dads. Trends circulate mostly around tshirts before trickling down to jeans, shoes and other accessories. There are the cheesy ones, then there are the cheesy ones. Both are fine.




14. Breaking Bad Complete Series Barrel Set

Helmed as the greatest series in TV history, a Breaking Bad complete series Barrel set makes for a fantastic item as far as Fathers Day gift ideas go. It comes complete with a booklet and Los Pollos cooking apron.


15. A Portrait

We saved the best for last! Reflect the unbreakable love by the man of the house by dedicating a fully personalized Metal Print portrait of him in his finest hour. Unyielding style, dramatic colours and totally hip, put up him up on the household wall of fame with our range of new age Metal Prints!



15 amazing gift ideas for Dad for Fathers Day 2015. That’s not to say you can’t get him the traditional types of Father’s Day gifts like a tie, a pen, or a break. Spend time with him, make his moments memorable and immortalize it all in our range of personalizable Photo Books and Photo Products. Get ready as we hook you up with our Father’s Day Special.

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