Seamless Moments with Lay Flat Photo Books




Experience your memories in its full grandeur with our Lay Flat Photo Books. It stays a flat 180 degrees while images flows smoothly from page to page, end to end, so that you enjoy a continuous and seamless visual experience.

Take in exotic sceneries, beautiful wedding photos, joyful family reunions and other many grand celebrations, all in complete detail. With its full on, unbroken imagery, it’s perfect for anything you would ever need it for.


What’s A Lay Flat?

Putting it simply – a Lay Flat Photo Book is when each page is one continuous piece of paper, so that the image flows across the pages as a full spread. The binding allows pages to stay open and remain totally flat without having to hold the pages down.

This lets you enjoy a better, fuller and satisfying view of your sweetest moments in your photo albums!




Distinctive Point of View

You can opt for a Lay Flat Photo Book in a choice of either an Imagewrap, a Debossed and even a Pro Series Photobook. See your best moments in its pure totality in whichever Photo Book you want, getting an uninterrupted view of your entire image without details getting lost in the centerfold.

This enables you to further take full creative control of your designs, making it ideal for sceneries, landscapes, portfolios and more. It looks incredibly professional and is practical with its 180 degree flat view – meaning you could leave the book as is without the pages flipping over.

The Lay Flat Photo Books come at a default 22+2 page, except for the 17.5” x 12” Extra Large Hardcover which comes in at a default 42 page.

It is also printed using high definition 6 colour printing which offers a  wider color range to produce better, more vibrant images.



A Touch Tougher

Images are first printed on Photo Lustre paper, and then bonded together to create that continuous, full length image. Because the papers are bonded together, each page is thicker and sturdier, inadvertently giving it a much more durable quality. This durability gives your Photo Album a tougher protection against everyday wear and tear. It is also water and dirt resistant.

The paper has a soft shine to it with brilliant colour contrast, offering a smooth satin-matte feel.



Quality Binding

All of our Layflat Hardcover Photobooks are machine-glued page to page. Heat is then applied to solidify the glue, giving it a library-quality look and feel that last a lifetime. Each book is individually handcrafted together to ensure it stands the test of time, so you can share your stories over and over again.



Designs and Readybooks

Go beyond as you create any kind of Photo Album you could think of, making it perfect for anything you want and everything you need. Choose from our extensive library of Readybook designs and make your choice. You’ll then have the option to make your Photo Book a Layflat or a standard.

Lay Flat Photobooks are available only for our Imagewrap Hardcovers, Debossed Hardcovers and Pro Series.





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