Our Top 5 Favourite Summer Family Games



The sun’s up, and so are the kids. It’s time to break out the lawn chairs and deck out the garden as we bring you fun ideas that’s great enough even as games for summer camp! Check out our top 5 favourite Summer games for kids and the rest of the family members.


1. Outdoor Scrabble


It’s scrabble, but way bigger. Take the popular word game outdoors and get some fresh air in, all the while making a little learning a lot of fun.

You’ll need…
– 1 x backyard or garden
– 1 x small hammer
– 4 x thick strings
– 6 x pegs

You’ll also need about 100 thick square cardboards for the letters, ideally measuring at 12” x 12”. Refer to the below for a character breakdown.

Getting the Scrabble set up is pretty fun as well so get your kids involved in it. The rules are pretty much the same and the scoring is.. well.. you could try following the official rules, make up your own or just disregard them completely!



2. Lawn Twister


 There are plenty of twists and turns on this one, but it’s still pretty straight forward.

 You’ll need…
– 1 x large pizza box
– 4 x different colour spray paint (more colours if you want to take it up a notch)
– 1 x scissor
– 1 x string (for alignment)
– 2 x small boxes (a tissue box works well)
– Few pieces of paper

First cut a circle in the middle of the pizza box, this will be the mask you’ll use to spray through. Then start spraying different colour combo’s using the pizza box frame to distance out between each coloured spot, use the string to make sure everything’s aligned.

Next, tear out two sets of smaller pieces of paper, one for body parts and another for colours.

Determine the moves by first picking out which limb to be used with a randomly selected colour!



3. Water Gun Tag


 This one is out for those who want to get wet and messy. Get a water gun, one for each player, and split into teams of two. Use different food colouring for each team (Red Vs Blue maybe?) and let the mayhem take place! For added entertainment, everyone has to wear a white tee so that the shooting stains pops out better.



5. Liquid Limbo


Easy to do, impossible to master, and crazy fun, you’re basically using the water stream from your garden hose as replacement for a limbo stick. Pair this with some nice limbo music and you’re good to go! It’s also a great addition if you’re looking for some extra fun summer party games.



5. Garden Camp Out


A classic favourite and a must do for every summer family, pitch up a tent and take bedtime outdoors. Do all the all time traditions like smores, ghost stories, and so forth. Do it with friends, or do it with family, either way, a backyard camp out is a must for every summer night!

 Tip: Make it a little extra special and hang some multicoloured LED string lights for that enchanting effect.



BONUS: Outdoor Movie Night


Now this is just awesome and best done in the midst of a midsummer’s night. There’s something special about watching a good movie under the stars, so get yourself a nice comedy or a classic and get snuggly.

 You’ll need…
– 1 x large white sheet as a screen
– 1 x projector
– 1 x DVD/Blu-Ray player or a laptop
– 1 x awesome speakers
– Plenty of snacks!

Figure out how you would want to arrange your seating. A picnic cloth laid out on the grass? How about some mattresses or even taking the sofa set outside? That’s food for thought.




Get pumped up as you break out the best summer games for kids and the rest of the family, taking plenty of photographs as the entire gang gets down with some fun summer party games. Of course, as always, you would want to remember some of that awesome summer fun. Check out our Fun In The Sun special campaign for amazing deals and bargains on our Photobooks and Photo Products.

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