What You Need To Consider When Making a School Yearbook



School is once again coming to an end and for some, it is the end of a chapter, while for others just a mere flip of the page. Record, highlight and commemorate the friendships forged, the lessons learned, the victories achieved and all the history made – both big and small. Ideally, it should be informative and attractive, detailed and relevant, and to achieve it, here’s what you need to consider when making a school yearbook.

School Yearbooks are a great way to make all the fun and adventures had throughout the school year last forever. It chronicles everything there is in the school year, making it a great instrument when re-visiting memories.

Whether its for an elementary school, a high school, or higher education, making a school yearbook is a labour of love and there are a lot of things to remember when making one, and plenty of planning is needed since you’ll have to coordinate with so many people to get this done. There are Yearbooks, then there are Yearbooks. Whether it’s for just a classroom or for the entire school, make a great one and make it easy for yourself by having a look through some of the things important to figure out before you get down to it.




Know the quantity of books needed to distribute out, taking the amount of students, teachers, library records, and any other parties into account. Figuring out your budget becomes a whole lot more easier once you know how many books you’ll be printing. Printing will take up a bulk of your budget, particularly when you start taking colour printing type, paper type, cover type, binding, and so forth into account.

Break down the costs for props, photography, digital touch up, printing, and whatever else, and weigh out your options. Check out our School Yearbook bulk purchase as we not only give you premium grade School Yearbook Photobooks, we also provide very reasonable and cost effective printing. For a very affordable price, you can get quality colour printing on high end acid-free paper.




Themes are fun, themes are consistent, themes are good. A steady use of a single theme throughout your Yearbook gives it a well thought out, professional look. It sets the tone and feel of your Yearbook, letting you paint a better picture of your alma mater.

Start out by understanding what your school is about. Ask yourself, what colours do you fly and what are the common values practiced. Once you’ve sorted that out, it’ll be easier to start choosing and or even creating a theme from scratch.


Check out our many different Readybook yearbook themes and designs, made especially to help you capture the very best of all the best moments in school. Each one is fully personalizable and has a variety of inside layouts for you to play with. Take this one for example, the Bell Elementary School Yearbook Readybook.



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Get tons of photos and information, and we mean massive loads! Be spoilt by choice as you pick and select the best looking ones to flow in. Your content ties in very closely with your yearbook themes, and you would get a better idea on pagination and how to better fit certain sections in.

You’ll want to create a floor plan for your Yearbook. Just like building a house, you would want to lay out a structure of what goes where. Where would you insert the yearbook quotes, at which page would the class photos go, would it be a single spread or a collage, where do testimonials go and what about the clubs, associations, sports teams, and so forth fit in.

Plan it well to make sure you’ve got a good flow going, with each section leading the next.

 Idea: Also throw in a whole bunch of easter eggs in. Random engaging facts and trivia about the school and your classmates scattered around makes each turn of the page interesting.




Planning ahead and having a little foresight is always a good idea in anything you do. Take note of when the year end exam periods are, how many schooling days are left and how long do you plan to invest in designing as well as the printing time it takes to get the volume done including shipping it over. Distributing the Yearbooks in the last fews days is a better idea than mailing it over after.

 Photobook guarantees 7 working days from time of order to send everything over right to you, and in tip top condition too.




Share the workload! Assign different people to get different things done. This lets you, and the team focus on their own respective tasks because communication and getting all the various resources needed would each need time consuming attention. From talking to the different clubs, associations, sports teams, teachers and caretakers, doing the research and obtaining the information, arranging photoshoots and so forth. If not to avoid silly little burnouts, it’s about getting good time management in.




We’ve mentioned above that creating a School Yearbook is quite the labour of love, involving a lot of different components. Keep track of it all by having a checklist! It might seem frivolous and insignificant, but keeping to a checklist does wonders to ensure that you’ve got everything down and down right. It’s pretty common to have simple and smaller (albeit still essential) parts of the Yearbook overlooked and be completely missed out in the end result.

Having a checklist saves on time and makes task delegation easier to do.




Apart from making a Yearbook, there are also plenty of other things you can get up to to commemorate the end of school and the best of times in class. Make little mementos such as personalized Notebooks, Photo Prints, and more, sharing it with amongst other school leavers.

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Make the school memories last forever and happy Photobooking!





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