Metal Prints: Unshakeable Moments. Unbreakable Love.



Unyieldingly stylish, totally contemporary and dramatic colours. Join us as we bring home decor over to a hip new age with our brand new Metal Prints!

Have your most amazing moments take on an ultra modern look as we digitally print your photographs on to a 1mm thin metal slate. Using dye sublimation technology, the printed images are water resistant, easy to maintain and possesses a sharp, dramatic flair of colours and tones.


Because the images are transferred over using dye sublimation technology onto these specially-coated 1mm thin metal slates, it has a much heavier and sturdier quality, placing your wall art in a class of its own.




Strikingly Vivid Colours

With its quality true to colour image reproduction, colours glow rich and vibrant so that white stays white, black stays black, red stays red and all of the shades in between. Its application on colours accentuates your photos, highlighting your picture to make it look better than ever.

This makes it perfect for any kind of photos, and especially ideal for exotic sceneries, artistic explosion of colours and even vanity shots for models!


Finished Metals

Our Metal Prints are made out of specially-made Aluminium, infused with a special coating to not only compliment your images, it also protects your Metal Print from rust and oxidation. Now this is something that lasts a lifetime, something you can hand down to future generations even.

The use of a Gloss finish on Metal Prints accentuates your photos, highlighting your picture and making it look better than ever. It gives your image a subtle shine without it being too reflective, making it even more ravishing in a well lit room.




Hang On

Each Metal Print that you get comes with a support structure already attached to its back for your convenience. Depending on the type and size of your Metal Print, you’ll receive a specific type and amount of bracket hanger(s). This means that you’re good to go the moment you get it. Uh… pending hammering your nails into that wall that is.

These bracket hangers are fully adjustable, allowing you to align or level out if necessary easily and effortlessly.

All of our Metal Prints come with a support structure for your convenience. Secured to the back of the metal prints, the support structure and its mounts give you height adjustability easily and effortlessly.


Styles & Designs

We offer two styles of Metal Prints for you to enjoy. There are the Singles which come in 5 different formats (Mini, Square, Portrait, Landscape and Panoramic) and then there’s the Multi which offers you a multi-combination of  5” x 5” individual pieces, letting you arrange it in any way you want. The Multi is available in a 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9 combo pieces.



We’ve also prepared several designs for you to check out. Of course these are just a little push by us to help kick-start your creative ideas and to find that little spark of inspiration. Fully personalize your own as you add in whatever you want. Choose from any of the many layouts we’ve added in our designer, taking it further with that personal touch using captions and elements.


Here are a couple for you to sneak a peek at!



Have a look at our Metal Prints site and see all of what we have to offer. Get with our new line of ultra modern home decor, Metal Printing your most stunning moments and having it as an eye-catching piece for any room.


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