New Products Part 3 of 4: Wrapping Paper, Luggage Tags, and Mugs



In our part three of four of our brand new Photo Products, we bring you three items this time around. Check out the fully personalizable Wrapping Paper, Luggage Tags, and Mugs.


1. Wrapping Paper


Some say it’s taking it a step further, we just think of it simply as complementing your gifts with a little added thoughtfulness. Plus it helps your present stand out from pile heap! By enveloping your gifts in a custom design, you can add that personal touch to it and show just how much your loved ones mean to discount wedding dresses online

Add in sweet moments you shared together, maybe some words of encouragement or even go all out and let your inspired designs take over. It’s printed on durable, premium quality paper that is smudge repellent and offers spectacular image permanence. Its gloss has a subtle sheen to it for that lovely soft glow and makes it water resistant. This protects your gift from light moisture damage, meaning a little rain wouldn’t hurt it.


Our Wrapping Papers are made impress.

Designing it is super easy too! Using our Designer software, set your style down on a 12” x 12” box, and the system will duplicate it across the entire sheet. This allows you to standardize your design across the Wrapping Paper. Like all our other Photo Products, you’ll have access to our full design and editing options to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

It’s available in three sizes
– 2′ x 3′ (90cm x 60cm)
– 6′ x 3′ (100cm x 90cm)
– 10′ x 3′ (300cm x 90cm)


Click Here to check out our collection of Wrapping Paper designs.



2. Luggage Tags


Make your mark everywhere you go and stand out from the crowd with our fully personalizable Luggage Tags. More than just for your travel gear, it’s perfect for everything from gym bags, backpacks, laptops and more.

LuggageTagThumb_220x2201Light, stylish and sturdy, it’s a functional personal statement with a complimentary black handsome genuine leather strap to secure your luggage tag in place. Made from specially-made Aluminium, it features sharp colour definition and sleek gloss finishing.

It’s double sided, enabling you to have your information on one side and an image on the other (or do both! Choice is yours). Designed to last, it is water resistant, easy to maintain and infused with a special coating to protect it from rust and oxidation.


There are also two sizes available for all your different baggage needs too.

Available Sizes:
Small – 1.75″ x 3.5″
Big –  2.5″ x 4.25″



Click Here to check out our collection of Luggage Tag designs.



3. Mugs


Some things are meant to be. Like pen to paper, coffee with cream and reminiscence over drinks, as is pairing essential moments to your essential cuppa! Set yourself apart from the rest of the pantry people with your very own unique single handle ceramic mug today.

At 3.7″ tall, it holds 11 oz. worth of morning waking goodness. Make your morning drink more cheerful when you feature your favourite photos, moments and quotes on your personal mug. From hot coffee to iced teas and more, match heartwarming memories to every sip you take and embrace the beverage brave you were born to be.

A must-have alongside every good brew.


The image wraps around the mug, beginning and ending slightly over a centimeter from the handle to give you an almost 360͒ view. It is insulated, microwave friendly, dishwasher-safe and can be used for both hot and cold beverages.

Have a look at our catalogue for some nice designs, funny puns, and cool ideas!


Click Here to check out our collection of Mug designs.



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